Wednesday thoughts while watching the news

You become what your soul digests. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, talk about, is what you will attract more of in your life. So make sure it’s all positive.

The new season of “Last man standing” premiered this week. It was the highest rated show on Friday and the highest rated show on Fox (besides football) in seven years. But no need to worry, I’m sure someone is already trying to get Pam Anderson to admit Tim Allen showed her is tool 20 years ago.

In related news, Disney has announced they will be replacing Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the new Toy Story movie with Matt Damon.

“Murphy Brown” with special guest Hilary Clinton on the other hand was the lowest rated show of the week. (“The Connors” will be even lower). But I’m sure they will be calling it the new hit show of the season.

Kanye West was booed off the stage on the set of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend after coming out with a Trump hat on. (Wonder if he watched “Last man standing”.) Thinking for yourself is definitely frowned upon on SNL. These are the “definitely ready for prime time players”.

So yes, everything is political these days. There’s no escaping it. You would think the tears would have dried up by now.

BREAKING NEWS! Kavanaugh threw ice at a man once in a bar, maybe. No confirmation if it was crushed or cubed.

The Kavanaugh hearing dominated the airwaves Thursday. It showed just how far we’ve sunk as a society. What should have happened behind closed doors was instead a public display of stupidity for the entire world to see. And it won’t change a thing. The left got their FBI investigation but have already said the results won’t matter. They will still move to impeach him if they take the house in November.

And if it turns out that Kavanaugh lied, then damn. I am so glad I didn’t go to an all boys prep school. I was in high school in the 80’s too and had my share of parties, but I never once said to any of my buddies “Hey let’s get blackout drunk, pull our pants down in front of everyone, cross swords and shove bottles of beer up our ass!”.

So while Carli B’s new born daughter was at home with the nanny she thought she would hone her parenting skills by getting in a bar fight at a strip club at 4 in the morning while fighting with her husband’s stripper/mistress. There has to be a better way of getting some street cred.

As if things aren’t screwed up enough, Steven Spielberg announced that he is filming a remake of “West side story”. This time instead of the Jets and the Sharks it will be MS13 and Bloods. In this version the cops shoot Tony.

Indonesia was hit with a 7.5-magnitude earthquake on Friday and a subsequent tsunami that killed 1,200 people. Very sad. Like Puerto Rico it’s just too hard to evacuate an island efficiently.

“A star is born” starts this weekend. I can’t wait to…take my daughter, she really wants to see it.

“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe” – Albert Einstein

Colors are changing here in the north east. Get out and peep.


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Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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