This weeks thoughts while watching the news

“The Equalizer 2” comes out this week. Wonder who in Hollywood thought, “Hey what we really need now is a movie that glorifies guns, murder and extreme violence non stop for two hours…again”. 

The roast of Bruce Willis aired recently. Now I understand why Demi Moore doesn’t act anymore. She’s looney as a frikkin tune. She made Dennis Rodman seem normal. And how many drugs did her and Bruce do when they conceived Rumor anyway? Holy crap!

Eight more states have legal marijuana on the ballot this November. Weed always gets a bad rap. They say it makes people unmotivated. But you can do the same things when your stoned as when your not. You just realize it’s not worth the effort is all. 

An algae bloom is creating a red tide which is killing sea life in Florida at a massive rate. The same thing is happening along the gulf coast where the Mississippi River enters it. Dead fish and sea life flood the beaches and the water is admitting toxic gases. This is a direct result of phosphorus fertilizer used by the sugar cane farms and Tyson foods. Why isn’t this a “breaking news” report? They cry about global warming and burning fossil fuels but ignore this? Crazy! 

A fire tornado erupted in California, Yosemite closed due to fires, a monsoon destroyed Bangladesh,  a tropical storm devastated Shanghai. 87 died in a wild fire in Greece, 70 drowned in heavy rains in India, 90 died in an earthquake in Indonesia, landslides killed 46 in Thailand, a typhoon in Japan, a volcano in Vanuatu, floods in Vietnam Nam. It’s been a very crazy week around the world. Combine that with the 63 wars currently being fought, the 1.3 million who have died in those wars in this past year alone. The 71 people shot in Chicago over the weekend.  Not to mention the three meteors that hit Earth this week, one in Russia, one in Africa and one in the United States. I would say the Six seal is definitely about to break WIDE OPEN.

If you don’t know what the sixth seal is, don’t worry about it. It’s too late to play catch up now. And it’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Let me know how It turns out.

Candace Owens was harassed at a restaurant and forced to leave because she’s a conservative. They screamed in her ear with blow horns “F… white supremacy”. It didn’t matter that there were children present or that she is black. Proving that the dumbest people on the planet aren’t just basketball players. 

The typical Republican has very different views from the “alt right” groups,  just like the typical Democrat has different views from the socialistic far left. Which is why the Democratic Party would not back Bernie Sanders and why Obama is refusing to campaign for socialist politicians running in 2018. 

Racist hate groups are NIT politically motivated. They are anti government. Just like AntiFa groups are anarchist. The two mobs clashing at rallies has nothing to do with this country or the people in it. It’s about hate. It’s the media that politicizes it. 

Very sad about the 11 children they found starving in an underground compound in New Mexico. The two heavily armed Muslim men who held them captive were arrested without any of the children getting hurt thank God. A witness said the kids looked like third world refugees. Which I found odd because in this country third world refugees dress nice, eat well and own…well pretty much everything. 

You think women who live under Sharia law watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and think, it’s not so bad, at least she can show her face and still has all of her fingers.

Fun fact, the prophet Mohammad had many wives, his youngest was six years old when he was 59. But it was a different time back then and girls matured much faster. 

I’m not sure how the political ads are in other states, but here in Connecticut every single Democrat running for a seat has an anti Trump commercial. It may pay off in this very liberal state. But I wish they would win on merit, integrity and a solid platform. Not a hate campaign against a man who they accuse of running a hate campaign.

Robert Redford announced he’s retiring from acting. Guess he can take that wig off finally. 

There were 157 Confederate monuments taken down since 2016. Yet there are now 237 more than in 2016. It seems that the outrage that brought so many down has outraged  even more to put new ones up. In the same way that passing gun laws spark a surge in gun sales. Sometimes politicizing something just increases its size.  

But on a good note. Two elderly men snuck out for their convulsant hospital in Germany. After a six hour search by the authorities they were found at the Waken open air metal festival. They were disoriented and dazed but otherwise ok. I can relate to them but I also know I need to grow up at some point. I realized that yesterday from my fort. Not sure why I hold onto my childhood anyway, it sucked, which is a good thing really. It made it a much easier transition into my lower middle class adulthood. 

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend. Get on the water if you can. Pool, sprinkler, ice bucket…margaritas. Whatever it takes to stay cool. Embrace to Summer.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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