I often think back to my childhood, and to those day I spent on that dead end road. The field that seemed to stretch on forever just beyond our picket fence. I remember the hot Summer days when the Shepherds use to bring their flocks to graze on the yellow clover and pickle weed. I would sit with my sisters on a broken part of the fence, and I would always wait until I saw the black sheep, or the tiny little runts, or even the lowly goat. Only then would I grab a handful of honeysuckle sweet grass and race out into the pasture just to feed them. I guess it was something about them being different and unique that drew me beyond the fence. Not so much a feeling of sorrow towards them, but a feeling of a connection with them.


I suppose I’ve always been a Kabbalist. I just never really put a name to it until I got older. It many years of soul searching and spiritual entanglement but once I recognized the common threads it all fell into place.

You see it’s the embracing of what is different that causes growth within ourselves. It’s a love for that which we can learn from that we actually learn from. It’s easy to learn from repetition and familiarity yet very hard to move beyond it.

I have always been able to find the light no matter how small in even the darkest of rooms. And believe me, I have been in some pretty dark rooms.


We are all heading down the same path. Heading towards the same destination. Every one of us begins and ends at the same point. In life and in death. It’s all a matter of being able to see what lies in front of you and realizing that it’s not all for nothing. It’s a gift and it’s given to us for a reason.


There will be a lot of twist and turns along the way. A few pit stops. There will be streets of fire and streets with no names. There will be roads to ruin and roads to nowhere. There will be roads less traveled and trails off the beaten path. Detours if you will. Side trips not on our itinerary. It’s those unaccounted for sections of time that build our character. They become our wisdom and the source of our knowledge. They are what makes us human.


There will always be obstacles that arise. Road blocks, traffic jams and the always annoying late night construction. We just need to either be patient, or find a way around it. Map out an alternate route or find a cozy motel to wait out the storm.

There will also be plenty of distractions to divert our attention. The spoils of the open road that occupy our thoughts. Flowers we will want to stop to smell, scenic overlooks and sunsets that we just have to stop and watch. The old cafe on the top of the hill, the souvenir shop by the side of the road or the worlds biggest ball of yard that just can’t be missed.  It’s the beauty of it all that makes the journey worth the effort. Sure we may get lost along the way. The GPS isn’t always correct. We may hit bumps in the road. A pot hole or two. We may get discouraged because the shiny pretty object we saw glimmering in the distance turned out to be nothing more than a smoothed out weathered piece of glass. But we keep on going. There is no escalator here people. Movement is required.


It’s normal to be taken in by not only the beauty but by our perception of the beauty as well. It’s the infatuation and the hypnotic trance of the reflection that we can’t let ourselves become fooled by.  What is not real is what? …Exactly.

So take the road less traveled. Stop to smell the roses. Never dismiss the differences. Taste, touch, see, feel. Take the shocks down a notch and feel the pavement. There’s no hurry, we will get to our destination eventually.


Just not on a couch in front of your T.V.

Movement is required.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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