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We all walk through this life under the same premise of the human condition. We travel down different paths, yet they all lead to the same place. Death will eventually find us all. We know our lives are on borrowed time and still we waste away the moments that are set aside for us to enjoy. We sin and we repent. We attend church and we pray for redemption in the hopes that all will be forgiven. And in being forgiven we have faith in mercy. We believe that we will be granted a deathless death and a quick and painless end to life.

Some believe that all past souls will be resurrected for one last chance to prove they are worthy of an afterlife in paradise. A modern day “Hunger Games” if you will. If this is true than what does it matter how we spend our days. If we get a second chance to do it right next time, we don’t have to play by the rule this time. It’s an open ticket to rape and pillage and burn a thousand Jews. To bomb villages and wage wars against all mankind. After all, Jesus died so we will be forgiven right? It kind of makes the Ten Commandments seem more like suggestions than commands.

I wonder, if I live a good life now will I be rewarded later by a free pass into the ultimate gated community? Or will I have to pick my weapon of choice and battle it out like everyone else? And I’ll tell you, If I get to the pearly gates and find a thousand Muslim Martyrs up there there each surrounded by a thousand virgins, I am going to be pretty pissed. Unless they are virgins for a reason (Uggos). And if a Martyr gets a thousand virgins for blowing himself up and taking innocent lives with him, then what in Heavens name did the virgins do to get cursed into sharing the same man with a thousand other women for all eternity? I sure hope they have good showers in Heaven. Can you even have sex in Heaven? Wouldn’t that be a kick. You blow yourself up, get a thousand virgins and you have no tool! Now that would be some funny stuff right there.


Religion lets you act any way you wish without feeling guilty. Confessionals, Hail Mary’s, Sacrifices. Blood lettings, Praying for forgiveness and Burnt offerings. The demons must be laughing as they’re watching from Hell.
They are waiting to see if such Dogma works because they will be kneeling in St.Catherine’s church tomorrow.

Isn’t the ultimate form of worship simply being happy? Enjoying what has been put in front of you and being thankful for each and every day. For every day we live is another chance to prove how truly grateful we are.
Living with anger in our heart is not living, it’s awaiting death. Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Judgment. Unsympathetic boastful pride. These are the things that keep us from understanding the reason we are here to begin with. Which is to learn to appreciate.

We are all lying in the same critical care unit suffering from the same incurable disease. We will all die from this condition. No one has ever survived. Why are we not reaching out to one another and comforting our fellow man? Why do we not sooth each other’s pain? Instead we are spitting on each other and kicking the bed frame of our neighbor. We are telling them that our God loves us so he is saving us but not them because their God is not the Almighty God. It’s the football team thanking God for winning the big game because he loves his team for than the other. It’s thanking God for winning an award because God obviously liked their movie best out of all the movies he watched this year. We pick on, make fun of and ridicule other patience so we can feel superior and therefore somehow deserve to be saved.


Personally I hope with all of my heart that this is not a team sport here. I hope I am judged on my own merit and not on the merit of the guy that just cut me off from the right lane of the highway.
People are mean out there folks. Love and be loved, judge not and not be judged. Live with the conviction that you know your own heart and you are confident that you have not wasted a single moment.

The flowers smell good for a reason. The sun is not warm by accident. The breeze is cool, the berries are sweet and the caress of another person is transcending. A smile is comforting, a kiss is intoxicating and the landscape of the land around us is absolutely breath taking.

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There are trails to be hiked, rocks to be climbed, and rivers to be explored. There are fruits to be savored, cats to be cuddled and dogs to bark at every squirrel that runs by your front door. There are songs to be heard, paintings to be seen, fine ale to be sipped and the laughter from children to be enjoyed.

There are lips to be tasted, hearts to be felt and glances to be capture. There are families to raise, blogs to write and gardens to seed.

Happiness is all around us.

If we can’t enjoy life among all that has been created for us, how can we be prepared to enjoy that which awaits us?

We didn’t appreciate the gift when it was first given to us. We need to learn how to appreciate it when it is returned to us. That is why we are here.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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