To each his own, walk a mile, glass houses. We’ve all heard the expressions before, but not very many people actually know what they mean. How often do people judge other people for whom they do not really know? It happens all the time right.

We’ve all met people who rub us the wrong way. Mainly because our own stubbornness has trouble excepting that which is not like us. It’s like two pieces of sand paper rubbing together. The friction is unbearable. It accomplishes nothing except wearing each other down until there is nothing left.


When you are young and still in your development stages this is a normal accordance. But as you get older such behavior can only hinder one’s growth or happiness. You will wear away to nothing. Many of my youthful friendships have turned into life long bonds yet started nothing more than grinding sand. You have to be able to see beyond the that which is not familiar.

One should walk the metaphorical mile just to gain perspective. My opinion of someone has no bearing on who that person is, and it shouldn’t. Opinions are nothing more than ego driven self-absorption.

The ego wages wars. It lies to you. It tells you yours in the only true God. It’s my way or the highway. The ego is jealous, bitter, angry and full of darkness. It’s a prison filled with low self-esteem, personal denial, manic depression and resentment. It’s the greatest lie ever told. Okay second greatest lie ever told.

Misery loves company, let’s not forget that.

The first thing we should notice about someone SHOULD be the differences. Those differences are what makes us human. They are what is most beautiful about that person. Similarity may be comforting, yet leaves little room for anything else. If we are going to learn anything truly meaningful from each other than we need to embrace those differences.

If I believe that the rock in my hand is the one true God, what should it matter to me if you believe the stick in yours is? If my faith is true than not even your stick can make me question my belief. Only my doubt can do that. Should I think your stick is ridiculous and make fun of your belief because of it? Should you envy the strength in my rock and be jealous of it? Sounds pretty stupid right? It happens every single day. And on major scales.

or on a much lesser scale….


Jenny hates the new girl in class because she has captivated the attention of all the boys. This makes Jenny feel inferior and jealous. She calls her a slut. The new girl is jealous of Jenny because her parents are rich and they lives in a big house, she calls her a snob. Neither girl ever engaged in any intelligent conversations. Yet they rub together like sandpaper. They formed opinions based on differences and their own personal ego driven lack of self-worth.


Dave and Marc have known one another for many years. Dave is married with 2.3 children. He has a nice house and a good career. Marc is single, no children. He sleeps with many different women, even a few men. He drinks too much, smokes weed and floats from job to job. Dave has always resented Marc for his carefree lifestyle and always fears his wife will fall for Marc’s rugged good looks and worldly charm. So he stopped invited him to family BBQ’s and talks badly about him behind his back. What difference does Marc’s life have on Dave’s? NONE WHAT SO EVER. Dave’s self worth is not measured by anyone else but Dave. Yet the ego won’t really let that happen now will it. Dave because suspicious, he becomes bitter and paranoid. He can’t sleep, he eats junk food. He makes false accusation. He let’s Marc’s life define his own.


I am just saying that someone who truly likes their self, and truly has faith in their beliefs and their conviction, than what the guy across the street does will not even be a thought. People should complement each other. Not define each other. If you do not like me guess what, I am still me. But you are no longer you for you are comparing your similarities to my differences and it’s changing your perspective. Only those without sin can cast the first stone. Or should not live in glass houses, or should walk a mile in high heel shoes… or something like that. Anyway..

If you took the time to appreciate the differences, than you would be a much better person for it. If you never looked down or looked up at anyone, EVER, then you would find inner peace and my God be so much happier. Live in darkness or live in light. It’s really your choice.

Live life between the sandpaper, and always go against the grain. And never progress into anything but dust. Or let go of the damn ego and find your way out of the dark.

Judge not until you judge thy self. Judge or less be judged. However the saying goes. It’s not just words people. Lighten up, and you’ll see a whole lot better for it.



About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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