I am trying very hard to get this thing rolling again. But like working out the body is hard to get going again after you take some time off, working out the mind is the same. So instead of trying to finish one of the many themed blogs I have half-finished in my draft section. I will simply rant about the headlines.


Look, stop changing the name of radical Muslims. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are still radical Muslims. The president can even go as far as to say they are not Muslims at all. But it doesn’t change anything. They think if they say we are now fighting ISIS than it doesn’t seem like we are just pounding sand with Al Qaeda. Who by the way was just the Taliban, which was the Kurds in the 80’s. I am also tired of the whole war in general. Why are we spending trillions of dollars, decades of training, aiding and a bedding known criminals and expiring the lives of our soldiers on a battle we are not even close to winning. One bomb. One location and it would be all over. You don’t see Japan even thinking about crossing us again. So we apologize twenty years down the road. At least it would be over and the world would be a much safer place.


I remember when Isis was just cool television show.


I’m tired of hearing about the whole racial divide in this country. The media loves to feed off of the defects of the human condition. Look around. White cops shoot white people every single day. They shoot more white people than black people. Black gang members kill more black kids than any white police officer. White gang members kill more white kids than any black police officer. Hip hop glorifies the ghetto criminal life. So much that white kids from white suburbia are wearing their hats sideways and their pants around their knees because they would rather be gangster than productive. Black poor kids from urban America can’t afford to buy CD’s, concert tickets or Sean John clothes. It’s the white kids from good neighborhoods who are making the Rap artist rich.  The media just loves to hate.


The media, while I’m at it, also loves to idolize the celebrity. Look, Kate Middleton’s morning sickness is not news. Nervous break downs and nipple slips are not news! Fun yes, but not news worthy.

Look, you can not call for a transparent government and then criminalize someone who makes it transparent.


And the political sides love to complain about everything. They love to blame the other side. They love to hate each other. It’s not his war, it was an inherited economy, it’s the house not the congress. Come on already. I look at my life now compared to when I was a child and I don’t think things are much different at all. We still live, we still die. We pay high taxes, we go to war, we worry about the education of our children. The only difference is now we are more connected through social media which means we can hear everyone’s complaints 24 hours a day. My life does not changed because of who is president, who we are fighting across seas, who controls the house or what the unemployment rate become. I have always lived my life as according to me and as according to my own form of government and beliefs. Everything else is just nonsense.


Look, football is a violent, brutal sport. That’s why we love it. The players know it is when they agree to play it. The fans know it is when they watch it. It makes people extremely rich who would not otherwise be rich. It gives people something to talk about who wouldn’t normally talk to each other. It connects people in ways they wouldn’t normally be connected. So stop your crying and your whining and get out there and crack some skulls!


Look if you don’t want pedophiles kidnapping our children then stop creating them by constantly flooding the media with images of underage celebrities wearing prostitute clothes. Stop designing outfits for street walkers in children’s size 10. It’s like dressing a young man up in tight choir boy shorts and asking a priest to just stand there and behave like a man of the cloth.

The whole debate on gun control is stupid. Most everyone has them. The law makers just want to be the only ones to have them. The problem is not with the gun but with the people who own them. Most people buy them but never learn to use them. They leave them lying around like loose change for their kids to find or they end up selling them to someone who can’t buy one legally themselves. It’s like bringing in millions and millions of African slaves and then complaining that they are here in our country. It’s stupid. Stop your crying. Deal with it. Make the schools more secure. I get tired of just walking through open doors at these places. My children are no more safer now than they were before all this nonsense.


The president came out last week and said that it was important for companies and business to form unions. But when they do the owners fight back with all resources possible. It becomes some kind of secret battle that does nothing more than disrupt the flow of production in the work place. If employers diverted the attention away from the monotony of repetition there would be no thoughts of anarchy. Have we learned nothing from our past?

The Ukraine?   Who cares. It flourished under Russian rule for years. They gave them their independence and they failed to be self efficient. You can give a child a hand full of money and a brand new car. If he spends all his money on weed and never buys any gas than is it your job to push his automobile around for the rest of his life. Let them have it back. The people will be better off. Would Porto Rico be better off if we just kicked them to the curb?

Look. If we don’t want all these new viruses spewing and epidemic all over the western world. Then stop flights coming in and out of those countries. Why put all our lives at risk for a few more dollars in your pocket. Instead of spending 7 trillion dollars on an army of drones, buy some needles and some vaccine and help these people. And while I’m at it, why do all the diseases originate from Africa. Can’t we spray or something. It’s a huge place. You would think at some point someone down there could lead these people out of poverty. The Muslim extremist are trying very hard to take it over. I’m sure even Allah is saying “Hey wait, what the Hell are you doing. I don’t want to go down there.” I suppose they are having a hard time conquering American so they are trying to build their confidence by conquering a poor, half dead, disease ridden country. Next thing you know we will be arming the Somalian pirates to counter act them.

Somalia End of Piracy

If our government allows you to leave your country because it is so bad that you can’t have any kind of enjoyable life there, if American grants you permission to live your life here and escape that poor excuse of a country you were born in. Than leave your flag behind. You have a new one now. My family came from England but I fly Old Glory outside of my house.

Old Glory over the USS Arizona  Memorial edit

Okay that’s about it for today. Everyone enjoy the weekend. As they say at Castle Black, Winter is coming.



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Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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  1. I liked this rant very much! Thank you.


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