If I built a church of my own…the walls would be constructed of tin sheets and wood. There would be no windows, only overhead doors. So many that you could open the entire place up. The only glass would be on the ceiling, clear not stained, so natural light could fill the room. The floor would be made of dirt and sawdust. Shoes would not be permitted in my church. Your feet should be among the Earth when in the house of the lord. There would be no air conditioning, only the breeze flowing through the bays. The only heat would be from a stone fireplace in the center of the room. Each rock put in place by a member of it’s congregation.

There would be no forms of government controlling the actions of the people. No overseers or governing bodies. No Quorums of Twelve or High councils. There would be no need for Cardinals, Diocese or Priests. For all of those who gather within it’s walls would have a voice. There would be no doors for anyone to close. All consoling, counseling and conversations would be open for everyone to help. We would lean on one other for strength and guidance, not the words written by some man thought to be a prophet, interpreted by a king who lost control of his land from a time long, long past.


There would be no one religion, for my church would be a place for all religions. It would be a place for learning and growth. We would examine and understand all beliefs in the search for the absolute truth. I believe that the word of God is out there, only it’s been stolen, hidden and divided into so many pieces that it has lost it’s true meaning. I would ask for no money contributions. Only for each one of them to contribute there skills and their time to the others. Power and money currently control all aspects of religion. Their churches are monuments to their riches. Just look at these “Places of worship” and tell me if they are not built on the blood of those they call sinners and the money they pay for redemption.








(Now I do know that most of the Jehovah’s witnesses Kingdom halls are extremely modest and plain. I list this with the others because it is a multi-billion dollar company which operates tax free).



(If you haven’t thrown up by now feel free to).

The members would take turns speaking about their lives and their experiences. They would express their beliefs and their own spiritual journeys. We would learn from one another. We would read and discuss and share from the many teachings that are available to us. My church would be a starting point for total enlightenment of what is all.

Then we would all get naked and have a massive orgy! Just kidding, just kidding, calm down. It wouldn’t be THAT kind of church. But there would only be two common rules. You respect those around you. You see EVERYONE as equal. And if someone needs help, you help them. Plain and simple and without question. You know, unless they are asking you to bury a body or something. Then some doors might need to be closed. (again, kidding).

But that is the kind of church I would build. No images, no idols, no bloody Jesus hanging on cross. No gold, no sliver, nothing that indicates more wealth than those who congregate within it’s walls. No ritual communion or confession, no kneeling before Zod (yes from Superman) or fancy robes and candles and incense. Just the smell of wood burning and the feeling a sand in our toes.

What would set my church apart would be the fact that it would be built to gather those of like minds who wish to truly seek out the meaning of why we are here. Other churches thrive on control and power. The tell their “Flock” to follow blindly and to not question those in charge. They had down disciplinary actions behind closed doors and hidden in darken stalls. They demand loyalty. “The Truth” is only within them. They take your money and ask for more so they can pay for things that do no matter. Why preach to others? There is no need to “get the word out”, the word is within our hearts, it always has been. We all know the truth. It’s right in front of us. Those who choose not to see it will not be forced to see it. You can not punish someone for a sin, they have already been punished. All you can do is forgive. They spend money on stained glass and beautiful sculptures. Pianos, organs and comfortable seats. Their air conditioning is always running because their doors are never open. They tell you not to trust those outside of their beliefs. God will only forgive those who attend THEIR services and to those who give cash donations to their new world order. It’s wrong. Plain and simple.

In my church we would sit upon the dirt and speak our minds and express a desire for wisdom. We grow and encourage and love. (not in the naked way). And we would get back to what worship was originally intended to be.

It might not be as cool as this place…


But it would be more truthful and honest.
Anything more than this…


Is just an exploitation of greed and power.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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1 Response to A CHURCH OF MY OWN

  1. Terri jennngs says:

    This is the only kind of “church” I would consider attending, great article!


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