Homophobia in a Puritan Society


I have been hearing a lot lately about Michael Sam. The All-American defensive lineman from the University of Missouri. He announced this week that he was gay. They have been talking about him on the news, on the NFL Network and ESPN, and yesterday while in the break room at work I was asked my opinion on the matter. Why this has become national news and workplace conversation baffles me. Michael admitted that he knew the story would break but was trying to hold it off until after the draft. Reporters were hounding his college team mates and he knew he would have to make a statement before the story was leaked to the public. He was expected to be a third round draft pick, now he more than likely will not be picked up at all. There is so much hazing on rookie players in the locker room for straight athletes that for an NFL team to take a chance on an openly gay player and risk a possible discrimination or harassment suit he would definitely have to be a first rounder.

So here is where I have issues. Why is this a subject for conversation? Aaron Hernandez had a long history of violence and known gang affiliations when he entered the draft and no one cared what so ever. If the media did not make this an issue than it would be no issue. Our society creates the drama. As a football fan I can honesty say that if a player is winning games for us than I can care less who he dates. But this is where the hypocrisy of the liberal mind shines through.

Hollywood actors and members of the Democratic party seem to be heading this country in a very wrong direction. Liberal media should not be reporting on this subject at all. They should leave it up to the homophobic conservatives. The more people who make it an issue the more of an issue it will become and redirect people away from the true task at hand. It’s like the subject of gay marriage. We should not be focused on equality in marriage but a complete over haul on the entire concept of marriage and a reenactment to the separation of church and state. Marriage is a custom, a religious ritual. There is no place for it modern law. There should be a living contract where if two people, a man or woman or a man and man or a woman and woman or even a man and six women wish to enter into than they should be able to do so. A written agreement to share all household expenses and be given equal tax breaks and custody of any children and rights to the whole end of life thing. It should be equal across the board. But to regulate who can jump a broom or smash a plate or throw a glass or light a candle is really just stupid. We might as well cover our faces in sand yell obscenities at the western world.


Then there is the whole thing about terrorist and security and stopping global atrocities. There use to be a law where we could not sell weapons to countries at war. The democrats lifted that law in order to give rifles to the British during World War Two. It should have been put back in place. Third world countries do not even possess the skills to build a flushing toilet. If we stopped giving them bullets at some point they would run out. End of problem. But instead we will drag our own country into more debt by supplying them with the means to kill each other. Than when it does spill over onto our own soil every one freaks out and wonders how it could happen. Now we are selling Iraq drones. Really? Drones? Somehow we think this will solve their problems. What would solve their problems is for us to stay out of them and let them go back to throwing rocks at each other.


The Liberals say they stand up for the middle class. But the other day a friend of mine told me that she will stay on unemployment as long as she can because she can’t afford to get a job. Unemployment pays more than minimum wage and her medical is free and on top of that she gets tax breaks on her part-time studies. Now she is married, renting an apartment, her husband works full-time and they have no children. She is as far left as a person can get yet she would rather take money away from others just to put a little more in her pocket and for doing absolutely nothing. Tell me how this makes any sense. that’s right, it doesn’t.

Then liberals want us to believe they are for an open free society yet wish for bigger government. They say its an affordable care act yet all it has done so far is raise the rates and premiums so high that they are crippling the economy by taking more money away from the middle class. The poor get free health care and the rich can afford it anyway. It’s the common man that gets the shaft.


It’s like the whole debate about legalizing marijuana. They should simply decriminalize it. Not legalize it. If I want to grow a plant to smoke than I should be able to. I should not be able to grow a thousand to distribute because then it would fall under special tax codes and FDA regulations and what not. By legalizing the sale of it you are going to create more users. And you are going to tax it so much that the middle class can no longer afford it. Plus if your caught selling it after it’s legalized without a license to sell it then they can fine you even more for tax evasion and operating without permission from the FDA as well as the department of Liquor,Tobacco and Firearms who will be in charge of regulating it. Don’t legalize the sale if it, just make it legal to grow a few plants for personal use.


Then there is the whole issue of guns and the sale of them in this country. The liberals want an all out ban on weapons. They constantly quote percentages of gun related deaths in other countries who have gun bans in effect. Well the difference in those countries and ours is that when they put the ban in place it was an equal law for ALL residents. Police, federal agents, revenue officers. If you are going to ban weapons than you have to ban them for everyone. Military only should be allowed to carry a gun and ONLY when on duty. By trying to pass a law that prohibits the common man, the middle class, to be unable to carry a weapon while giving permission for those working for the state or federal government to do so is unthinkable. It tilts the scales of balance and we become Russia or China. We are no longer free.


Our society cries over the loss of lives due to gun violence while it places the very weapons it wants to ban in this country in the hands of children in other countries. It is shocked by the sexual orientation of a football player while it celebrates teenage girls dancing around in their underwear lip-sinking to provocative lyrics. This country preaches purity, equality and religious freedoms while it promotes sex for profits, enslaves the middle class and enforces laws on ritualistic Voodoo. Talk about The Grand Illusion.


Conservatives are not much better, but they did free us from British rule, free the slaves, create legislation prohibiting discrimination, try to keep the weapons out of the hands of war-torn countries, create better learning standards for our children and have tried to keep the government out of the pockets of the middle class.

It’s about time this country moves into a new area. It needs to stop feeling as if they are better than everyone else and start taking into consideration those of us who make up its society. It needs to keep the money of the middle class out of greedy hands and civil wars and give it back to the middle class so they can afford health care, education and a higher quality of life.

Our leaders need to start leading by example.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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