Halloween Rant

Well a lot of things to talk about on this beautiful Fall day. I sat down to write a blog on Halloween but then got side tracked by other news. So I am just going to kind of ramble on for a few minutes. Feel free to move about the cabin. Get yourself a drink if you like or maybe this would be a good time to use the rest room.


I was reading about the shooting this past week at Sparks Middle School in Nevada. Once again the media seems to have put their attention on the victim and not on the shooter. I think at some point we need to focus on the problem instead of the result. A twelve-year-old child does not pick up a gun and walk into school and start shooting all on his own. I hate that “Acting alone” term they always use. There are many people involved in this just as any other school shootings. First and for most is the handling and storage of the weapon used. The parents are at fault for not only teaching their child how to use the gun but telling them where it’s located at and where to find the ammunition. Letting a child have access to a gun is the first thing to go wrong. You can teach your child how to shoot, but you have to be aware of their maturity level before doing so. And if you lock your guns up, for God sake don’t tell your mentally unstable child where the key is kept and don’t keep it on your key ring.


Second is the school and the community as a whole. I know it’s hard to stay on a personal level with every child. But there has to be an effort made. In my day if a child was caught picking on another child he was suspended, a second incident would land him expelled and sent to what was called a “Continuation school” where they could be with other bullies. Of course kids still got picked on out side of school. But this is where neighborhood watch and “Block Mothers” came into play. Something that has long been done away with. When I was a child every block had a “Mother”. They indicated this by a red hand hung in their window. For any reason what so ever a child could run to that house for help. But we have become a society of looking the other way and not wanting to get involved.

A child who kills and then takes his own life is not some kind of monster. He’s a product of what we have created.

I have also been hearing a lot of talk about this so-called “White flag” power outage of the grid in November. There is a planned drill to take place among a selected few businesses to see the effects loss of power would have on their system. That’s really about it. There is not going to be a two-day shut down of the grid to hide the effects of a solar flare or to create a terrorist situation so we can invade Syria. It’s only a drill and they do them every year or so. With that being said, gas up your generators and stock your refrigerators. Drills have been known to go wrong.

150px-ObamaCareSymbolI am completely exhausted hearing about Obamacare. Most people I have talked to who are young and don’t have insurance are not planning on getting it. The fines are far smaller than the cost. They will take it out of their income tax return so they won’t even really miss it. I believe the government is well aware of this and is okay with it. This law was put in place to squeeze us out of more money, keep the poor poor and to make the insurance companies extremely rich which is just what it did. There is nothing what so ever affordable about this act.

I am tired of hearing about bipartisanship. You both suck! Shut up and unite or pass the stick to someone who will.

Obama might or might not be of Muslim faith, who knows. But we know his father and multiple half siblings are. They put their belief system in the Quran which was written solely on the hearsay. Knowledge handed down generations to generation which speaks of the teachings of the prophet Mohammad. In the teachings it uses a term know as “La ilaha illa Allah” which means “none has the right to be worshiped except Allah”. In the same fashion that the Bible teaches it’s followers not to worship false gods. Christians have killed in the name of their god just as Islam has in theirs. Until we stop fighting over which god has the bigger…ah…following, we will never progress as a society or a race. Laws should not be based on religious faith.

And now that your back from the rest room, I can finally get to the holiday season. I LOVE Halloween! I love the leaves on the ground, the pumpkins on the door steps and the kids running around dressed as dead brides. I love the parties, the bite size candies and the grave yard scene on the neighbor’s front lawn. I always take this day off from work to prepare for it. I make sure the candy bowl is filled, the Jack O’Lantern is lit and the scary movies are rolling constantly throughout the day.


If I am going to spend money on a costume every year then my kids are going to wear it to everything. School parades, birthday parties, Halloween parties, trunk or treats, hell the will wear it to their Jewish cousins
bar mitzvah if it falls in the month of October. It’s a time of year that’s just for the kids. Sure I still like to dress up as well but really just to be part of what they are doing. Thanksgiving is adult time, Christmas is crazy time. New years is ditch the kids time. But Halloween is all theirs. Who are we to stand in its way.

Okay, well I suppose I am done rambling now. Hope everyone enjoys the season. Before the whole country goes dark that is.



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Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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One Response to Halloween Rant

  1. riz says:

    I’m not from America but I this first part of your rant totally resonates with me – “I think at some point we need to focus on the problem instead of the result.” 🙂 Love what you said about Halloween being for kids. 😀


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