It’s something we all hide within ourselves, yet something we seek out in others.

There is strength in its invisibility and weakness in its appearance.

It’s something a writer needs to expose for his words to be felt. It’s something an actor needs to reveal for his actions to be believed.

It’s a quality women find attractive in a man. To express it is a gift of testament. Yet it’s a quality men shy away from in a woman. It holds the key to insecurity and can quickly disguise itself in despair.

It’s the ax that looks for the soft point in the grain.


It’s the lightning that searches for the easiest way into the Earth.


It’s the religious extremist, who lets it manifest into a fear of rejection. So afraid he is not worthy of the light of creation that he becomes blinded to creation. He feels if he destroys everything unlike who he has become than there will be no one left for God to hold above him. Made vulnerable by his desperate need for approval that it is transformed into a justification for a predetermined death.

It’s the politicians need to show it so he can appear to me more human, as well as his need to exploit it in his opponent so he can appear less than one.

Why am I thinking so much about vulnerability you might ask. Well on Monday morning at a United States Naval base a man walked in carrying three weapons and strapped with ammunition and opened fired on the employees there killing twelve people. This happened just over two miles from the White House and only a mile from the Capitol building. This happened during a time that this country is a war. How could our nation let itself become so vulnerable?

Well the country revealed its weakness by failing to balance the wealth correctly. You see the need for power and the greed for money blinded the government just as the need for approval blinded the extremist.

The lawmakers lowered the funding for our military, at a time we still have troops on the ground in the Middle East. They took funding away from our security to deploy ships to the Syrian coast to prepare for yet another war. They took money from our schools and from our educational programs and put in into funding for health care reform and campaigns to reconstruct gun laws. Two programs that will generate zero growth for an already crippled economy. Education and security took a back seat to over stuffed pockets and the intoxication of power.

By doing this it left our nation so brittle that the slightest pin prick can cause a rippling effect. A spidered crack in the glass that spreads through a windshield leaving it frail and weak.


So when a shooting happens such as that in the District of Columbia, it forces our government to increase its security. A program we have no money for. The money has to be taken from the people who are already have no money. They have figured out that not only has our institutions become too big to fail, our entire country has as well. It only takes small attacks. A shooting on a military base, a bomb on a crowded street, a kid with a gun in a school. Every pin prick restricts economic growth. That’s where we are most vulnerable. The government has become so big off of the money of the people where without it, it fails.

So in an attempt to generate more money from more people, they push to reform immigration. A push that against cost money we don;t have. They wish to allow millions of more people into this country for the sole reason of taxing them. Make no mistake, it has nothing to do with kindness and understanding for the oppressed. It’s for the purpose of oppressing.

So as we look at the vulnerability within ourselves. We need to look at that within our nation as well. In the same way a boxer shields his weaker points of impact, we must do the same. It’s a human condition to be vulnerable. But we don’t need to put a red flag on it and blow a fog horn.

How could we have prevented the Naval base shooting? Well bullet proof glass in the guard shack might have been a good place to start. How about placing a chain link fence around every school in America equipped with security cameras and a single entrance gate with a guard. That would be inexpensive and simple. My elementary school had one. But of course, that’s money we have to give to Egypt so they can keep killing each other. Which leads me to the cost of foreign policy, but I really don’t want to expose my vulnerability which seems to be filled with disgust and bile at the moment.

<So in conclusion, just let me say… when your child tells you they have a sore throat and doesn't want to go to school, and you know they don't have a sore throat but the look on their face just makes you all squishy and opens up your vulnerability (not to be mistaken as gullibility) and makes you go against your better judgment and allows the kid to stay home. For which two minutes after school starts they proceed to run around the house like it's Christmas. It's a good vulnerability. When those entrusted with the lives of a nation tells the world they are above everyone else and does not wish to play by the same rules, it opens up a vulnerability which effects everyone. When they take more than they give it cracks the windshield and therefore is a very bad vulnerability.


Someone told me yesterday that home is the safest place and I believe it. You can be vulnerable within your own home and it is protected by its walls. Just remember, fists up and elbows down when you go out.


Humanity itself is vulnerable as a whole to mortality.

It’s what lies beyond mortality that strengthens us.



About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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3 Responses to Vulnerability

  1. A well though out exposition on the subject of vulnerability in this piece. I loved every word of it. I will be following you to see the seasons change in your writing and glimpses into what might make you the writer you are. If you get time, please check out my work as well on my blog. God bless sir!


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