Empires of Dirt

I grew up in the last house on the right of a dead-end road. In the late sixties and early seventies there wasn’t the modern distractions that there is today. No IPhones or Ipods. No tablets or XBoxes. We had dirt, and rocks and sticks. On the other side of the dead-end was a huge field. In the middle of that field was a rather large ravine that ran on for about an eighth of a mile. Sometimes it would fill with water, most of the time it was dry and full of tumble weeds. The weeds would get so big and so full of thorns that when the Santa Ana winds blew through you could see them racing across the field and down the street, chasing small children on their way to school. The story went that the big ones could swallow kids whole.


After school the kids on the block would meet at the ravine. We would gather dirt clods, rocks, sticks and acorns from the Oak trees that lined Rutland Avenue. The kids from Green Lantern Lane would show up and line the left side of the ravine. We would have these epic rock fights. Throwing anything we could get our hands on. Even pomegranates from the bushes that grew wild throughout the field. We would shoot acorns out of rubber band sling shots. It was war out of boredom from lack of anything else to do. It was for control of the ravine.

This is how I view the problems in the Middle East. And how much I told myself I would stay away from this subject. It is the front story of the news in every country, so it has been on my mind a bit.

quran-vs-bible1So when you have two people from opposite sides of a ravine and they don’t even have the ability to feed themselves. At some point they are going to start throwing sticks at each other. In my religious studies and my reading of the Koran, I have come to a conclusion in this whole thing. The old Testament tells us to cut off the hand of a thief, sacrifice our best animals and stone to death a woman who cheats on her husband. As a society we have grown enough to understand that the bible is a bit outdated. And for progress and knowledge to ensue, we need to see these writings as metaphorical. The Middle East sees the Koran for the words written and therefore are held to a third world sense of being.

The Koran, The laws of Omar and Sharia law clearly dictate that if you are not Muslim, well you shouldn’t be period. It is a very strict way of thinking. The world seems to hate America, yet they immigrate here by the thousands. They attend our schools because our schools are some of the best in the world. The university of Saudi Arabia doesn’t see nearly as much traffic I am sure. They live in our houses and embrace our lifestyle and then turn around and bomb a marathon because they hate us so much. That’s a clear sign that narrow-minded thinking through lack of empathy and knowledge can lead to a decline in humanity.

Dixie_ChicksIt’s the same way the Democrats hated President Bush. They put him on Time magazine with a target painted on his face. They publicly ridiculed him. Protested against his wars and his policies. There was no compromise. He was seen as a racist Texan even though he employed the second most African-Americans in any administration. Singers like the Dixie Chicks publicly slammed him on foreign soil. And Time magazine honored them as well as the Grammy’s. Yet with a Democratic President now in power a clown can’t even wear a presidential mask without it being racist. If you don’t like the policies of the current administration, it’s because your racist. War against the Middle East including drone strikes on countries we are not even at war with and the murder of thousands of innocent civilians including women and children is perfectly fine for the sole reason that it’s not a Republican calling the shots. The liberal media exploits tragedy to build policy like the Travon Martion case and Sandy Hook yet give no attention what so ever to true heroism like that of Rhonda Crosswhite and Antoinette Tuff. Those stories were quickly suppressed for they held no ammunition for a left-wing agenda.

I am not saying that the Republicans are on the high road either. The difference is the right does sing and dance in an attempt to detract you. The smoke and mirrors should be left to the Copperfields of the world. If the Middle east stopped fighting with each other long enough to build a nation of power than they would never again have to worry about the western influence they hate so much. In the same manner if Americans stopped fighting with each other long enough to once again see the people than it would no longer feel the need to shed foreign blood.


So as the United States is on the brink of another Iraq, or worse, another Afghanistan, we need to understand that as the people, we should do everything we possibly can to prevent this from happening. This is not our war. I do not authorize this administration to steal food from my children’s mouths in order to finance another failed attempt at playing God. I want the money at least spent on things that truly matter like education and security. If they wanted to end the fighting in Syria than they would stop giving them guns and food. Within a month they would run out of bullets and go back to throwing rocks. They have no gun manufacturers in Syria, no ammo depots, hell no Home depots. We simply leave them alone and they would no longer have the capability to kill each other. I think that the leaders of the world powers believe that if they keep them fighting with each other than they will leave us alone. Once one side looks like it’s winning than we step in to even it up. In the same way our government doesn’t care about the ghettos of our own country. As long as 98% of blacks are killed by blacks, why step in. This is no way to run a country I assure you. In the same way that the United States would collapse if they simply stopped selling us oil. But they won’t. We need them and they need us yet still we fight.


So in the next few weeks, as the left tries and will likely succeed, in starting a war identical to those started by the right. We need to put our feet on the ground and rise above all this hate. Write letters, rally, form groups. We need to let our voices be heard and tell those who are running this country into the ground that this is not acceptable. Find a local militia. Form one if there is not a local one. Militias insure that the government will never gain too much power. That was the purpose of the individual states with their separated set of laws. Yet we see how that whole thing has broken down with the federal mandate on health care.

syria_flag2Okay. I think I have ranted long enough. It just upsets me that the leaders of our country are willing to carry out an act of war when we already know it can not be won. Lives will be lost and America will suffer greatly because of it. We can’t afford to have the teachers we need in our schools yet we can afford to shoot hundreds of missiles that cost millions of dollars a piece, and fuel war ships and employ soldiers and waste our retirement funds only because they drew some stupid imaginary line in the sand that someone crossed in a place we should have never been to begin with.

Okay. I am done. Oh look, The new season of “Sons of anarchy” is about to start up. Guess things are looking up after all.




About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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