Being Black is not a crime! But…

Youths-throwing-bricks-at-007Throwing bricks through windows, beating up random people and looting the local department store is. Watching the acts of violence and stupidity this week really makes the heart grow weary. Every time we start to make some kind of headway to end racism, something like this happens. Celebrities are speaking out. Singers are lip synching tributes at their shows. Even the president decided to weigh in with his discontent of the judicial system. Everyone hates America, even the Americans. Hell even the people running America hate America. I suppose a leader who can actually lead the country instead of dividing it would help. I see an awful lot of people complaining, yet their suitcases are still empty collecting dust in the basement.

reginald-denny-brickNow you know the people acting out against the Martin case have been saving up their rocks and their spray paint cans in the anticipation that the white ass cracker would be found not guilty. After all, those who rioted after the Rodney King verdict got off scott free. Yup, no attempted murder, no assault. Not even an in sighting a riot. Nothing. And they got a free T.V. out of it to boot. I am sure Reginald Denny could help you remember in case you have forgotten. That’s if he could remember himself after having his head bashed in. So this was like a free pass for them to act even more stupid than I am sure they already do on a daily basis.

You also have to understand that the majority of the people acting out would have shot young Mr. Martin themselves if he had walked across their streets. I walked across a southern Chicago street one time in broad day light and still ended up running for my life. Can you imagine a kid in a hoodie that was not blue? It wouldn’t have been pretty.

So these women who served on the jury did their job. And not an easy one at that. You have to give them credit. Or at least hold off on the death threats for a while. They could have said they were prejudice and have been removed from the case. But instead they did their duty and they weighed in on the facts of the case and read through the laws of the state of Florida. And even though they all felt that both men were in the wrong, they had no choice but to hand down the verdict that they did. For Florida law states that if you feel your life is in danger no matter what the circumstances are, you have the right to defend yourself by use of a gun. If people are upset about this than they can dust off those suitcases and move to Florida to lobby for a change in the law. But as I was told by many people here in Connecticut after the gun control laws passed, if I don’t like it, move.
But lighting cars on fire, throwing rocks at store front windows and taking over the streets is seriously not the way to go. I mean if you want to walk like and Egyptian than maybe a stroll in the sand is in order. It just creates more racism. I would have to question that if Zimmerman was white that this case would have ever even gone to trial. The lawyers for the prosecution obviously felt that a Hispanic man had a better chance of being found guilty. And if that was the way the case would have turned out then it could have paved the way for tighter gun control laws in the South.

Anyway. After listening to all the rants and complaints about the trial, and all the bashing of America and the court system and the lack of justice, I just want to throw up. How can a person making millions of dollars living out the American dream and then turn around and bash the country that made them as wealthy as a small European country. I will never understand. In the same sense, how could someone living off of the system have anything to complain about either. I think if Martin killed Zimmerman with a gun no one would have cared. Except Zimmerman’s family of course. And the neighborhood watch who would have had to find another guy to help protect their obviously not so gated community.

But this, just as everything else that the media blows out of proportion, will pass. People will forget and move on. Just ask Casey Anthony. Or that Adam kid. Or that guy waiting on a flight at that Russian airport. What was the name of that guy who shot up the Batman movie? No one remembers, just ask Reginald Denny, he might not be able to answer you, but you can ask.

rollingstoneI would have mentioned the Boston marathon bombers but hell, I couldn’t even pronounce their names when they WERE in the media, let alone remember them now that their not. I mean it’s not like they would ever make the cover of Rolling Stone or anything with names like that.

If you’re not part of the solution, your part of the problem. Stop stock piling rocks and read a book. Learn your rites and learn the laws. Read the Articles of Confederation, The Federalist Papers, The Constitution. These are the bricks that should construct your actions. Not getting mad and punching people in the face. That’s what caused this whole mess to begin with remember.

I hope someday we can get back to the America we once were. A proud country of diverse backgrounds with integrity and just ideals.

But for now we will just have to listen to the cries of frustration piercing the veils of the self-uneducated.

Just remember to duck. And not slow down for yellow lights.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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