Slaughter of the Innocents

When the dust had settled and the sun had fallen beyond the horizon, the only sounds that could be heard were the cries of the mothers who laid in the streets, bathed in the blood of their children.

King Herod the great, the Roman appointed king of the Jews, had ordered the killings of every child between one and two years of age. The night before the butchery a messenger had come into town and told the king of a prophecy that was unfolding. A star had risen from the west giving sign to the birth of a new king. He told Herod that a group of men were riding through the night to find the baby and to take him to safety. Before the sun fell again there would be no child left alive. Included his own two sons, who were dragged out into the street and beheaded. Blood of the innocent covered the cobblestone walkways and stained the walls of the homes that once sheltered them.

The synoptic gospel of Matthew would refer to this massacre as The Slaughter of the Innocents. Word of this slaughter would reach the congregations of the non-Jewish churches. It would create great tension among the religions and fuel the rage in an endless war.

King Herod responded to the slayings by saying that he did not give the order, but a group of ruthless knights set forth on their own to protect the king and save the throne from tyranny.

slaughter4The only mention of this event is briefly found in the old Testament of the bible. According to historians however this event never took place. It was either fabricated by the church and used as a cause for war, or it was information that was handed down through periods of time for so long that when it was finally documented centuries later the facts were distorted and untrue. It closely resembled previous events in time when the Pharaoh brought forth the tenth plague of Egypt, killing all first-born man, including his own son.

There were records of other massacres at or around that time period. The massacre of Glencoe, the Slaughter of Galilee. Yet none of any mass killings in or around the vicinity of Bethlehem. There was however reports of a plague which swept through the land and claimed the lives of many children who were too young to fight off its infection.

Could it be that something as simple as the flu wiped out those children and the church set blame upon the ruling empire? Could it be that King Herod killed his own people for political gain? Or could it be that a group of men devoted to the preservation of the empire acted on their own?

pharaoh_sonConspiracy theories have been around since before the three wise men began their adventures in star-gazing. There have always been those men in search of the mystical wizard in the land of Oz. The difference with the days long past and the modern age is the internet. Ideas, thoughts and theories are mass distributed. Information gets past around so many times that the truth in it becomes impossible to identify. Back in the days before Christ such theories were scribbled down on rocks and tablets. Yet most never made it past the sacrificial fire or occasional ritualistic spilling of the blood. Through hundreds and thousands of years the tales grew larger and further from the truth. With the internet it only takes minutes.

Many men past and present have conspired to create distrust in those of higher power. The bible itself is believed to be a hoax by many. There is the popular Evemerist theory of course. Made well-known by Dan Brown and his work “The Da Vinci Code”. There were also writings found prior to the birth of Christ which spoke of other men who claimed to be the Messiah. Osiris, Mithra, Perseus, Prometheus, all worshiped as gods, all born around December 24th to a godly father and a virginal mother. The story of Jesus almost completely mirrors that of Krishna who was born a thousand years before Christ. He was born of royal blood and was the adoptive son of a carpenter. He was discovered by wise men following a shinning star. Most accounts of Jesus were not even discovered until three hundred years after his death. The inconsistencies of the Gospels create too much speculation for there not to be many theories.

Conspiracy theorist as well as historians point to the city of Nazareth. They claim it was a completely fictional place. Created in order to hide the true identity of Christ. In all the writings found from before and after that time period there has never been any mention of Nazareth. Historians believe that it was nothing more than a city on the Lost Horizon. A mythical place like Olympia, Atlantis or Shangri La.

There is also the theory that the life of Jesus was just a tale compiled of many a different lore. The Romans who kept many records of all their major executions have none on the crucifixion of Christ. They mention Yehuda in 6 CE and Theudas in 44 CE, Both put to death for sorcery, even Benjamin of Egypt in 60 CE who claimed to be a descendant of the gods. Yet none what so ever of Nazarene proclaiming to be the Messiah.

Star & Three Wise MenIn reality Jesus and his famous father may have very well been the source of the largest hoax of all time. Created by the powers that be to control and subdue the masses. Fear of eternal damnation is a powerful tool. King James and the organized churches were well aware of this.

Anyway. I have a couple of random thoughts of my own. But who doesn’t right?

I am certainly not the first person to think that most conspiracies are planted propaganda. Set in motion by those out to destroy the conditions of a nation. Washington, Hamilton, Adams, all warned us that our enemies would plant those within our society for the sole purpose of creating conspiracy theories in order to divide the people and create distrust in government. We see that in full swing today.

I am not saying there is not corruption in government. Where there is money involved there will always be corruption. I mean that’s its job right? Being the root of evil and all. But to say that random acts never happen is just a little extreme. We are hardwired to seek out order in chaos. To make meaning out of data noise. It is paradoxically comforting to imagine that great tragedy is not just time and chance, but a function of some nefarious, pre-planned grand design.

Sandy Hook elementary being the perfect example. There are many different theories about this terrible tragedy. The most outrages of them being that our government orchestrated this massacre in order to pass gun control laws for the purpose of disarming its citizens. Some have even gone as far as to say it was all made up with paid actors playing the parts of the victims. That it never really happened. Some say there were multiple shooters, some say the shooter never used an assault rifle. Some say, some say.

TMNK-US-Flag-TornThe horrific event on that December morning shocked the local authorities. They had no idea how to handle such a situation. These were fellow members of the community. Local police, resident troopers, emergency response teams. They did what they could in the face of ultimate horror. They locked down the school as quickly as possible and tried to remain as quiet as possible until they were sure of the information they had and that it was correct. Unfortunately people from within the school leaked out information that was wrong. The news reported anything they could find, truth or not. The members of the media were vultures, feeding off the death and the pain of those people. Nothing new there. But to conspire to mislead and misinform the people just to get more hits on your website is to demean the death of those children and to undermine the bravery of those who responded.

But looking back six month later. If the government killed all those children just to pass gun control laws, it was an ill-fated plan for it didn’t work out so well. Selected states who already had stiff gun control laws added a few new ones. The states that were relaxed in their laws are still relaxed. It’s like 9-11 theories. The government would never have had to go to such extreme measures to start a war with Islam extremist. They could have simply assassinated the vice president or another important political figure and blamed it on the radical Muslims. If they were looking for U.N. support they could have easily obtained it. And it’s not like they needed it to invade Iraq. They went in without it.

Anyway. lets look at the opposite side of the Sandy Hook for the sake of argument shall we?

The government may have exploited those children and used the mourning of a nation for their own political agenda. But who really profited from that day in December. Anyone can create a believable theory. I’ll show ya what I mean…

….In 2010 the gun industry was staled. Manufactures were laying off many of their employees and cutting back on production. The recession had made sales stagnant. Guns were a luxury that people just couldn’t afford. The total sales in 2010 only reached 500 thousand nation wide. NRA membership was at an all time low, with the lowest number of new memberships since 1979.

f166673a990e11e090aa12313b10052d_smallOn July 20, 2012, The shootings at an Aurora Colorado movie theater shock the country. Within thirty days after the shooting gun sales doubled. Three times as many permits were issued in one month then the previous three years combined.

After the massacre in Newtown, with the looming threat of gun control, firearm sales hit a record high. 2.5 million background checks were issued for handguns. 6.2 million assault rifle and long-range rifles were sold. 4 million new NRA members paid their dues. 153 million gun sales world-wide by American companies. Ammunition sales were higher than they had been in the last ten years totaled. There was a six month waiting lists for bullets of any caliber. The gun manufactures and ammunition factories could not keep up with production. The gun stores were emptied in a matter of days. Even the sale of black powder hand guns and rifles surpassed all previous demands.

nra1So tell me, isn’t it a lot more believable to think that the shootings were not some massive collusion between hundreds of citizens, federal government, local authorities and the news media, but in reality an orchestrated and carried out conspiracy by the NRA? I call it the “Remy” theory. You see Remy was a character in the movie “Higher Learning”. In the film The Aryan Brotherhood found a mentally unstable, anti-social, outcast of a kid and convinced him to murder for the greater good. I am not saying that this is what the NRA did however. but it sure makes a more believable theory don’t ya think.

Personally I think it was a disturbed young man whose parents overlooked the signs of mental illness not because their love shadowed reality but because they simply were not a constant presence in his life. The father lived out-of-state and the mother worked long hours. The mother had very little knowledge of the dangers or the cause of her sons illness. Then government stepped in and took advantage of the situation. If the Obama administration was smart they would have suppressed the media attention and not converted it into a modern-day witch hunt. They provided the fuel they created a fire storm. They exploited the sorrow of the country and it backfired by putting more guns on the street then they could have ever hope to control. Washington in its attempt to suppress the NRA made it one of the most powerful and richest big businesses in the world.

I wonder why we are so quick to believe the outrages instead of placing the blame the obvious.

Why couldn’t the records of The Slaughter of the Innocents, as told in the books of Matthew, simply have been lost through time in the writings of King Herod? Why must it be the subject of a massive cover up set in motion to discredit the scrolls of the Dead Sea?

Why couldn’t an anti-social outcast kid be to blame for a modern-day version of such an event. Why must we constantly try to find reason where there is no reason. Why must we tarnish the memories of those children by placing blame on a grand design. Those who create theories are not so insightful as to find truth in lies, yet are just people who know their history and are creative in the repeating of its fables.
Anyway, just random thoughts on the events that shape our lives. Nothing more.


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Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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  1. There are still those who would follow such an order and slaughter innocents, again.


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