Conspiracies of Tyranny

“Their are and will be a certain class of men who hope to aggrandize themselves by causing the confusions of their country, or will flatter themselves with fairer prospects of elevation from subdivision of the empire into several partial confederacies”. Hamilton (The Federalist Papers)

33_2001_DeclarationOfIndependence_largeI recently picked up a book which is simply titled, “Charters of Freedom. Founding Documents of American democracy”. Although I have read the Bill of Rights before, as well as the Constitution and Deceleration. I have never really sat down to read the Federalist Papers. I found them very insightful and inspiring.

In the papers Alexander Hamilton warned the country that there would be men who would stand up and give false testimony against the country and distort events of the government. Conspiring to create conspiracy for the sole purpose of dividing the country as well as for personal gain and profit. Those men will rise against the union of the United States and work only towards its fall rather than its prosperity.

He also told of how to spot such a class of men. These men would give no time after an event in order to gather information, to investigate reasons or to interview witnesses. They would make instant judgement, and in ways of using partial truths in order for their cases to appear more sound. A smoke and mirrors if you will. Inflicting a cause before any credible answer can be given in order to plant a seed of doubt. These men would supply a list of problems with the union, yet never offer a single solution. Therefore building frustration and fear among the people.

Now this was all written back in the 1700’s. They knew even back then that there would be the Alex Jones’s and the Glenn Becks of the world. Those who waste no time finding fault in every situation. Telling the people that there is no such a thing as coincidence. That it is all part of a government cover up to replace the current set of laws with a dictatorship. That something big is upon us. But they never tell us what, or how to stop it. They only guide their followers towards the purchase of their next book, or D.V.D, or whatever item their advertisers are pitching on their website. Keep the people in fear and they will follow you anywhere.

I even have to wonder if those who conspire to divide the country under the cloak of patriotism are even interested in ever repairing the state of the union. The damage they do is anything but productive, it’s just as evil as the corruption that does run through ALL forms of government.

Now I am not saying that evil does not exists or conspire. I am just saying that every breath taken is not released with malicious intent.

Truly great men offer solutions and ideas, not just complaints and empty conclusions.

So to the devoted followers of such men, and to the men themselves. Take some time to honestly investigate before lynching a fellow countryman. If the world is nothing more than a predetermined state of events, then that means nothing is left to chance. Which means the acts can be rewritten. The answers lie in the solution, not in that which rules the mob. Knowledge is the path to any truth.

Be prepared for the worst but don’t let that stop you from the joys of life. Never put your trust in any man who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Family always come first. But for god sake people, we need to stop the finger-pointing and get to the progression of growth through a foundation of dialogue and a commitment to diplomacy.

I know the government of these United States has lost its way in the past decade. I know that the blood spilled during the Bush administration was just the introduction to the blood shed by the Obama administration.

drone-death-7Bush killed 385 people in drone strikes.
Obama has killed 2,347 in Pakistan alone. 175 were children, 329 women. And additional 333 in Yemen, 47 were civilian, 2 were infants. All these people were killed without trails, and all were killed in countries that we are not even at war with.
60% more people have been killed in Afghanistan under the Obama administration. Unemployment has tripled. The deficient has quadrupled. Gas prices have doubled. People are in dire straights and all this government can do is worry about foreign policies and rewriting the constitution. They bail out big business but give nothing for the growth of new business.

In the “Common Sense” papers written by Thomas Paine. He describes the purpose of government and why it needed to be put into place at the birth of our nation. The government’s duty was to build a navy and an army to protect the states from foreign attacks. It was created for our protection. To create a series of laws to secure our borders and protect the people against harm from outside as well as inside influences. Those who worked hard and prospered were afraid that those who didn’t would eventually try to take away that which they had built. The government since has completely overstepped its bounds by letting greed create laws.

The government should not tell us we have to wear a seat belt. That we can’t smoke marijuana, that we have to buy health insurance. That we can’t marry who we want or do what we want with our bodies. It should not tax us to pay for political wars or corporate bonuses or tell us we have to give up our hard-earned money to pay for social security or medicare. We should put that money aside for ourselves and our families, not pay for someone else because they failed to live up to their own potential. We should not be paying into something just to have the government steal it all and leave us with nothing. It infringes on our right to prosper and be happy.

Thomas Paine wrote, “The palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise”. The rich and powerful have to keep the poor poor so they can remain rich.

Anyway. I suppose I am getting off track. Now where was that track again?

Oh yes. Evil comes in many forms. It comes in the form of a man preaching change and hope. Who distracts you with feel good policies and lays blame at everyone’s feet but his own. He kills innocent children in foreign lands and yet cries for those killed on his own land. Hypocrisy at its finest. And it comes in the form of the theorist who lays blame of every single act of misfortune at the feet of some imaginary one world Antichrist. With intentions that disregard the consequence of impact. It comes in the form of terror inflicted by its own people on it’s own people, who blame a world they are unable to change.

On the creation of our nation, we knew there would be corruption. That’s why the preservation of the constitution is so very important to our survival as a free people. We knew there would always be those who found fault in everything. Who conspired with the weak instead of standing with the brave. We knew there would be leaders who would have a thirst for blood. Who would feed off the power of destruction. It’s been this way since time began.

Life should be lived on your terms. Not anyone else’s. It’s hard to be happy when you live the fear conspired by tyranny. Lets just hope that the Kabbalistic teachings are wrong, and we don’t keep coming back until we get it right. The last thing I want to do is go through life just to come back as a woman in the middle eastern desert. iraqi woman

Live, love and be happy for God sake. Life is a journey not a battle.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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