Boston on Patriots Day

Paul.Revere.BostonI keep trying to write upbeat and challenging blogs. But every time I sit down to do so, some other tragedy is in the news that takes my attention away.
This week being the Bombings in Boston. I won’t dwell on this too much. But I have a couple of thoughts.

I think people are scared. And they just don’t know what to do anymore. They are seeing our rights taken away more and more every day. They have protested like a civil society is supposed to do. They have occupied Wall street, they marched on Washington. They filled every state capital in the country. But no matter how many people speak out, the government does not listen. They pass their mandatory health bills in the middle of the night, they sign executive orders, they push to disarm the people. They are taxing us dry and telling us that we do not matter as much as those coming onto our land illegally. They are taking money from the already very low social security. The middle class will have to pick up the bill for the poor while the rich and powerful insurance companies and mortgage lenders get richer. My heath insurance has tripled, my taxes doubled and my liberties squandered.

The government said last month that they would not hesitate using drones to bomb American civilians if it meant taking out a suspected terrorist. I really do try to stay optimistic and not listen to what everyone else is saying, but so many are saying it now that it’s hard to ignore. Violence is never okay. Acts of terror on innocent people is never just. But when the people no longer trust those in charge, violence is created.

I think most people in this country feel the bombings in Boston this week were done by a domestic group. People are lost and are at the end of their ropes. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. It gives Washington what it needs to put more Homeland security on the streets. It gives them more fuel for disarming the country. At this point freedom is taking its last breath. Even though the gun control bill was not passed on a federal level today, we have not seen the last of it.

The media keeps saying how proud they are of Boston. But did they not see the videos of the looting right after the bombs went off. Not much to be proud of there. Granted there were some very brave men and women that helped others, I’m not taking that away. But to say the city reacted with a great stride is a little far stretched. Some people took their own clothes off to wrapped up the wounds of the injured while others right next to them stole jackets and t-shirts.

I think the fact that they have not found the people involved yet and that this was not an act of a suicide bombing shows it was an American group. They media within an hour afterwards used terms like Patriot Group and Right Wing extremist. Just now as I write this they are saying it was possibly a Modern Day Militia. The government knows that there have been over 800 new patriot groups forms in the United States over the past year. These groups are very organised and highly trained. This bombing would give them the permission to pass an order to disband and disarm these groups by calling them domestic terrorist. DHS2

If this happens is when things are going to get really bad.

So the way I see it. There are three-ways this can go.

1. Obama says that it was a home-grown terrorist group and targets either all groups or maybe ties it to a certain groups that might be getting too powerful and he wants to them shut down.

2. Obama says that it was an outside terrorist group, such as those inside of Syria, and quickly moves troops into the area.

3. He calls it a lone wolf thing and finds someone to pin it on. (this would be the safest choice for them to make).

The more time that goes by, the harder it will be to catch the person or persons that actually did this. The fact that no one has come forward tells me that the government more than likely knows who did it and why. I do not believe it was a typical militia group, but a rogue group or “hired group” trying to send a message or provoke action. Which is very scary. Either way, this will not end well. Acts like this never do.

This goes back to what I said in the beginning. People are scared to death of the current administration and how they pass laws with no regard of the American people. Obama himself has called the constitution an outdated piece of paper. He wants to disarm veterans by stating they are unstable after tours of war. To me it seems like he wants to take the guns away first of those who actually know how to use them and have the training and experience to do so. He said 90% of America was in favor of the gun bill. Is that 90% out of 20 surveyed? Because I am sure the entire state of Texas was not for this bill passing. To say 90% was so incredibly inaccurate.

As horrible and frightening as these bombings are. I don’t think this is going to be a one time incident. If this does turn out to be a home-grown group. Then there will be more. This will be just the beginning. And if it is blamed on Syria or another third world country, then the next bombings will come from our government. Thus is why I say the Lone Wolf conclusion would be the safest way to go.

When you trap someone in a cage they react with violent and unguarded fear. The fact the our prison in Cuba is still open proves that this country loves to cage people. Well that and the fact that we have more prisoners behind bars than any other country in the world, even those far larger such as China, which is a dictatorship.

This country is more divided than I have ever seen it before.

I hope that I can soon get back to lighter and happier blogs. But today my words mourn. They are planning another march on the Connecticut state capitol this weekend to protest the already passed state gun control bill. Which is the straw that is breaking the camels back. The government has already taken possession of most of the ammunition. They have stock piled billions upon billions of bullets. They have produced thousands or drones and perfected their use in Afghanistan. Reports all over the country have come in of gun ranges being empty. The two major gun ranges in my area say they will close this year due to the fact that no one is using them. This is because everyone is afraid to use what ammunition they have. Come October you won’t be able to get it easily anymore. Not that it’s easy to get right now.

Drone11111111-156150-165663-166189-172588-173665-183895-184722-640x480-600x350The divide is growing larger by the day. Both sides are preparing. As much as I have resisted the notion. It’s hard to dismiss it anymore. If something doesn’t turn around soon and common ground can be found, I am afraid a civil war may not be such a far-fetched idea anymore.

Anyway it plays out, it’s still a very sad day in America.

Just added:
Lone wolves it is! Obama makes the right choice.


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