Dusty Guns

Gun-Safe-Movers554443I bought a gun last week. Actually I bought three. I’m not sure why. I never owned a gun before. I never even thought about owning one before. I guess with all the laws passing in my state that I felt, as millions of Americans also felt, that if I didn’t buy one now I never could. I even found myself stock piling ammunition. I will probably never even shoot the things. They will stay locked up collecting dust until I hand them down to my children some day.

I find it funny that by passing gun control laws it made gun owners out of people like me. It was reported that gun sales topped out at just over 4 billion dollars last year. The highest sales year before that was 75 million. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

I would have never even thought about owning a gun before these laws were proposed.

I guess I felt by doing so I was exercising my right as a citizen of the United States. I felt proud when I stood in those lines with all those people to get my hands on one. The pride however quickly faded once I got home and realized that I had a gun in the house. They have trigger locks, cable locks, and are sealed in a safe that’s locked in a room in an alarmed basement.

I really don’t like guns.

If a burglar breaks into my home I’ll never make it through all the locks in time. I will just have to rely on the same method I used when a burglar broke into my home twenty some years ago. beatin’ feet and an open window. I called the police from a neighbor’s house.

So I felt as Adam did in the Garden of Eden way back when this all began. “I didn’t even want it until you told me I could have it!”

I imagine the gun manufacturers will just come up with another way to loop-hole themselves around the law. A rifle that can take four ten round clips perhaps. Maybe a new caliber. There are no 43 and a half caliber guns on the list. Maybe a gun that has multiple barrels that would have the capability to fire of as many rounds as a semi automatic weapon in the same amount of time. Like a mini gatling gun. I am sure they will come up with something, they always do.

You can’t ban evil doings. Well I guess you can, but it never does any good. Like in Tennessee when Lynchburg County went dry and they tried to force the Jack Daniel distillery out of the state. That sure stopped people from getting drunk didn’t it.

I think history has shown that when you make something illegal it makes it easier to get. Once the government stops regulating something it flourishes. No reason to regulate assault rifles if they are illegal to own. I mean it worked out so well for marijuana which is easier to get then a six-pack of beer.

Anyway, I am not some gun touting redneck from the south. I am just some guy who felt like I needed to do something. Like the politician said after the exploitation of the Sandy Hook victims, “We have to do something.” I agree. Make it mandatory that all new guns of any kind come equipped with finger print recognition trigger locks. They already make them on some hand guns. That would solve everything. You could never again use someone else’s gun or a stolen gun.

It seems so simple I know.

So instead these politicians argue and fight with one another and ultimately ruin everything for everyone.

And why do the police still get to have the guns? In the U.K. when they banned guns they banned them from everyone. Even they police. Bully’s love to say “Do as I say, not as I do!” The reason the people have the right to own an assault rifle is because without having the same weapons as the government it tips the scales in their favor and that’s why the second amendment was put into place. To keep the government at bay. I always laugh when I hear someone say “They don’t need a thirty round magazine to hunt deer.” No kidding, whose hunting deer!

So now here I am. With a small arsenal in my basement gathering dust. We live in a nation that constantly speaks out against bullying, but are run by the biggest bully of them all. The U.S. Government. They have been taking my lunch money away from me for as long as I can remember. America isn’t even satisfied with pushing its own people around, it has to pick on every country smaller and weaker than them as well. You don’t have to bomb a poor third world country, just stop feeding them and giving them guns. It’s like an old western movie where the one guy brings an extra gun to a fight and tosses it at the another guys feet and says “Go ahead, pick it up”.

Crazy times we live in. I always thought this country was the promised land that the bible frequently speaks of. With it’s four seasons, it’s desserts and forests. It’s lakes and beaches and mountains. I hope we can somehow get back to what we once were.

A nation of peace pipe smoking, peyote eating, sun worshipers.

It’s still legal to worship the sun isn’t it?



About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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