Connecticut Has Fallen

7332942768_b4aac9a607_zIt’s important to have beliefs and to take a stand for those beliefs. And I understand that people are afraid and want the world to be a safer place to live in. But when there is an imbalance in power, then the tables tip. And there is no going back. “We the people” becomes just some words some old guy said a long time ago. Safe to me is a world where people can come to mutual agreements and understandings. It’s giving people the freedom to live their lives by their own beliefs. To love who they want, to work hard and prosper, to pray without discrimination, and to protect themselves against enemies foreign or domestic. Once the powers shift there becomes more and more bans. Ban on gay marriage, ban on abortion, ban on saluting the flag, bans on guns. The only thing they haven’t banned yet is illegal aliens. Like I said, it’s good to take a stand for those things you believe in. It’s not good to look down upon others for what they believe in.

All I ever hear is how we needed to do SOMETHING after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. But all that was done was the exploiting of those children for darker agenda. So many people bought it hook line and sinker. This was never about saving lives. It was never about guns. It was about control for them and rights for everyone else. To use the death of those kids to further the disarmament of the American people and to reconstruct the constitution for a much larger form of government was just wrong. I cried for those children too. I felt the pain with the nation. But the fact remains that under these new laws Nancy still would have been able to own that gun and Adam still would have been able to steal it.

The state of Connecticut said that this would be just the beginning. Which leads me to believe that if you register your gun now, they will take it later. This will lead to owners not registering their magazines and weapons, which has just created tens of thousands of felons in our state. Because of the fear of this 40 million new guns sold in 2012, 7 million in 2013, 40 thousand in Connecticut alone. There was so many better ways to help prevent more school tragedies than to divide America and create more laws for imprisonment.

I hate how the state hid behind those children, what cowards. I hate how a few parents of the victims joined them while the other parents who were against the bill were silenced and never heard. At the signing one of the parents said this law would prevent suicide, how it will do that I have no idea. Now one shoots themselves with an AK, that’s why Adam carried a hand gun, which he also obtained illegally.

The door is now open for you China, come take what you already own. We are already on our way to becoming you anyway.

And just for the record, I am not a gun owner, never have been. I have not fired a gun since I was in the military. But like I said, it was never about guns.


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Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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