Moments of Validation

There are moments of our lives that make up the layers of who were are. Instances of expression, chance encounters, splinters in time that create ripples. Fragments of attractions that leave lasting impressions.

There are personal triumphs and emotional setbacks. They build the foundations of our character. They are factors of human trait. It’s the form we project onto others. Pain, sorrow and loss. The lines upon our face. Love, happiness and achievement. The growth of our expanding roots.

These are points in time, a compilation of events that test the spirit and enraptures the soul. Bits and pieces of days gone by. First kisses, last kisses. The birth of a child. Weddings, deaths, injuries. Altercations and break ups. Scars left from unhealed wounds. Those forks we come to in the road that we all find ourselves at from time to time.

But there are also moments of validation. Those gifts for consummation. A kind of cleansing if you will.

2-398_newborn_sleep_baby_sl_d-1024x681Your child’s breath upon your face. There is nothing as beautiful or as transcending. The comforting scent of milk. The innocence and the purity. It can wash away the world. Sleeping upon your chest, peaceful and secure. In that moment there is complete validation for all that you’ve endured to be graced with such a moment. Nothing else holds a deeper meaning. It is such an incredible event that it lets you know that whatever you have gone through in your life to bring you to that moment, it was worth it. Like a bubble in time protecting the moment from interference. It’s the love unconditional, the eternal bond, the breath upon your face. Validation.

?????????????????????????????????????????A true connection. That very moment that you can read the thoughts of the person standing next to you. You can feel their heart beating. The blood flows in a singular rhythm. There becomes no space between the two. Leaning up against the hood of your car on a Summer day. Lost in a hypnotic state, unable to look away from each others gaze. Sharing thought and falling so fast that your stomach swirls and you find yourself holding on for dear life. The knowing that no matter what ever happened in the days before that moment, somehow you did something right. Someone else gets you. It’s a moment that stays with you forever. A mutual understanding that’s beyond words. An inside look at a true connection. The ease of adoration. Validation.

The very moment the spirit is awakened. The realization of birth and salvation. The clarity and awareness of extrication . The moment the tears seep from the corners of your eyes for they have truly opened. And the truth of existence is relieved in an instant of knowing. Almost as if the eyes have seen for the first time. As if the mind finally understands what it never could before. It’s a comfort that sweeps through you. Like your looking down upon the life you’ve lived from beneath it’s surface. The connection between all, and the departure from incredulity. The alleviation for culmination. Validation that the trials and tribulations of your life did not go unnoticed. The acceptance of love and the release of fear.

Spiritual_AwakeningSome people go through their entire lives never knowing any of these points of validation. I am sure there are other points that I am unaware of. Points that some have found that I am yet to. Moments still to experience. There may be different points for different people. Theere may not even be any real valid points. Maybe it’s all in my head. Lord knows there’s a lot of stuff scrambling around in there. Maybe my perception is distorted. But it is a means of comfort in an otherwise mean world.

Lucky is the one who is aware, or delusional, either one works I suppose.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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3 Responses to Moments of Validation

  1. denmother says:

    You captured a lot in this post. I could relate to several experiences. A child on one’s chest is really a magical moment.


  2. Love this … happy I found your blog!


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