Anger and Negativity

“Good morning beautiful, what would you like for breakfast?”…….”I F*&$ING ASKED YOU WHAT THE F%$*ING SH*# YOU F%$&ING WANTED FOR F&*^ING BREAKFAST!”24461
Sound familiar? I wonder what makes someone snap on a dime. What makes someone completely lose control. They will use hateful language and scream at the top of their lungs without regard for anyone or anything. They will stand at the front of an open door and scream with all their might at a child who may be playing a little too close to the road, instead of simply telling them to come in closer. All the neighbors know their house, they hear the screaming and foul language. They avoid eye contact at the mail box. They don’t understand how someone can say such vulgar things to a child, let alone their own child.

They constantly wonder why they are not treated better, they don’t seem to hear themselves. They are blinded by the rage. Low self-esteem, no moral. They only have bits of joy. Most of their lives are spent in a red haze of anger. There has to a reason for this. Or have they just let themselves become a slave to negativity.

I believe that what you project, you receive. Calm and reason returns calm and reason. I am far from free of anger, but I strive to be. Mind, Body and Spirit have to all three be exercised. We have to be able to give those same elements that we wish to get back. The more we hate, others as well as ourselves, the more we become the very things we don’t like in others.Expression_Of_Anger_by_MyBurningEyes

Those who lack control of their anger and rarely project the positive are often plagued with mental as well as physical aliments. They feel unappreciated. They become lazy. Their lives become stagnant and dark. Void of any true light. They often become racist, sexist, and bitter. They may feel that someone is promoted because they are male or Hispanic rather than just the more positive or deserving person. They become depressed and distraught. I have seen this so often and on very personal levels and it is heartbreaking. They use extremely abusive language yet criticize others who use it. It’s the immaturity of a new soul. (You know, if you believe in that whole new soul, old soul thing).

depressionI have been somewhat on a spiritual path. I would say lately but I think I have been my entire life. Maybe because I am now growing older that there just seems to be more of an urgency about my journey. I don’t feel like repeating the whole life process all over again because I didn’t get it right yet again. But I can see the rewards of positive thinking. I think my biggest fault is letting my mouth speak for my mind while my mind is out-of-town. (If that makes any sense). But I am working on it. Beer really doesn’t help. But that train is on a completely different track.

The more I strive to understand, the closer I get to achieving my goals. I do not want to become stagnant.

I am writing this blog today so I can better understand anger. I would love to hear feedback on the subject. Do you live with or know someone who is constantly angry? Do you find it hard to control your own anger? I would love to hear comments on both ends of the issue. I know it’s very hard to be the light in a very darkened room. I know it’s hard to find the light while wearing a blindfold. What? I don’t know, it sounded good. Anyway…

Sometimes knowledge if gained through conversation and experience rather than a text-book.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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3 Responses to Anger and Negativity

  1. Goia says:

    Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration.


  2. paulsdahlman says:

    So when the focus of anger is directed at a child. Who is the focal point of that anger? Is it brought on by someone else and redirected? I was at a restaurant one time and saw a woman screaming at the top of her lungs at her 2 year old daughter and calling her all kinds of names. Surely it’s at not fault of the 2 year old. Now this woman would regularly come into the diner for breakfast and would end up screaming at her daughter every single time. It was heart breaking.


  3. Anger is not the real issue. The real issue is self control. Many “anger Management” therapists teach their patients tools that have to do with self control, i.e. taking a “time-out” and counting to 10 , etc. The point is that they are training people to deal with their anger in healthy ways, not to get rid of the anger. In Christianity, anger isn’t even a sin. It’s actually good to be angry AT THE RIGHT THINGS. It’s how you express the anger that is the focus. You are not to sin in your anger. If anger is a contolling factor in someone’s life, however, there could be deeply rooted issues behind it. That’s where Theophostics come in, but that’s another topic for discussion..


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