House of the Triple S

Lysergic Acid Diethyiamide. Thanks to Albert Hofman money never came quicker or easier in the early 80’s. LSD was better in profit than marijuana and a lot less messier than Cocaine.  No one ever came knocking on my door at 4:30 in the morning looking to trade a television set for a square of micro window pane.  Once the customer dropped, they were done for the evening. 

I was living in Huntington Beach California. I had a nice one bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean. Life was easy. My days were spent sleeping, my afternoons were spent on a bar stool at Mutley’s Pub in Newport. My brother and I would ride our motorcycles up and down the Pacific Coast Highway jumping from one ocean dive to the other. At night I would simply follow the crowd. Sometimes they took me to the clubs on the Sunset Strip, other nights would be spent out on the…

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About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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