Far From An Obama Basher

Obama-Bush-Poster---52906I try my best to stay out of the political arena. The clowns and freaks in the circus tend to be a bit much for me most of the time. But every once in a while I hear something I think is worth repeating, or at least worthy of a comment. And it never fails, someone gets offended. Just recently I mentioned how with the coming health care plan going into full effect next year that those who supported the president might rethink their opinion. I suppose if your single, with no children then you might not have any idea as to what I am saying. But for me, paying almost two hundred dollars a week for medical coverage and on top of a high deductible. It puts a huge financial strain on my household. In January of 2014, that cost goes up even higher. It’s like the seat belt laws. They were never intended to safe lives at all, they were put in place to save the insurance companies money and nothing more. The local police make money by issuing tickets and the insurance companies have less fatality payouts.
Anyway, So I constantly get accused of being an Obama basher. I had one kid call me names and tell me I should leave the country. Others are much more intelligent and state their case with grace. But I still have no idea what they are talking about. I agree with the president on so many levels. Just because I disagree on one doesn’t mean I am anti-American.

I thought it was strange that my work did a numbers test on their employees, and told me I was over weight, they called it low-end obesity. (Take in mind I am 6 feet, 180 lbs).Then a few months later they are talking on t.v. about a revision they wish to make to the health care program that would require over weight people to pay higher premiums. Not give breaks for the healthy, just tax the not so healthy. Like in auto insurance, if I have not had an accident in 20 years, I should get a huge break in my payments. But we all know insurance companies are big business, they are not going to give out anything at a reduced price.

But anyway, what’s not to love about Obama. I am right there on the same page as he is on so many things.

I also believe that Guantanamo Bay has to be kept open. There is no other place to detain people without giving them a trail. Where else can we torture and dehumanize other humans. And even though he said he would close it, he soon realized that he couldn’t. In fact he signed an executive order to continue holding detainees indefinitely without charge for as long as he sees fit. He even placed John Brennan back in charge because of how well he worked out in the Bush-era.Barack-Obama-Bush---67792

I agree with him that we have not been in Afghanistan long enough. There is still so much destruction we can inflict on those people. Plus we need a base from which to launch drone strikes on Syria and Libya. I mean if we are going to plan an attack on Iran we first need to take out any help they might be getting. War is always the answer. Obama even expanded ”Targeted killings” (we call them assassinations) in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
In fact, almost all but two of the eleven key components of Bush’s anti-terror tools have been kept, some of them have even been expanded, as well warrantless wiretapping, the Obama Administration actually fought to keep it in place. Good for him.

I agree that we should give every illegal immigrant citizenship. Why not reward criminals with the right to vote. I am sure they will first have to sign a voters registration card as a Democrat in order to get their green card. It’s a very strong-arm kind of tactic. (Ok that was a joke, don’t have me thrown out of the country please). I think once they are all legal and forced to pay taxes and health care most will figure out that Mexico isn’t that bad after all and try to find their way back through the hole in the fence and back across the river.

I agree with his bail outs for multi-billion dollar companies. I mean who needs it more than them. Those CEO’s works so hard, they need their yearly bonuses, this country would have fallen without them. But we know that those were really never about jump starting the economy, they were about securing a connection with the unions to insure a re-election. These companies gave tens of millions to the Democratic campaign. Throwing money at them was the only right thing to do. Even if every one around the president told him that it wouldn’t work. Like they told Bush invading Iraq wouldn’t work, screw it! I’m the president! Gotta love it!

I agree with his new gun control laws. Make it harder for people to get guns. Ban and make illegal high-end rifles and magazines. My guns are not registered anyway so the more people unable to buy them legally will just flood the market for people like me who will then be able get them easier and cheaper. It’s the same thing with the marijuana laws. In the 70’s when it was legal the only people who had it grew it themselves. There is no money to be made by selling something legally. Once it became illegal everyone had it. It was imported from all over the world. Terror cells became rich. It was cheap and easy to find. To this day it’s as easy to get as a six pack of beer. Only you don’t have to be 21 to purchase it. Once they outlaw guns, they will be sold on street corners like bags of skank weed. So cool, I can’t wait for that.

I disagreed with him before his first election that he would form a transparent government, those never work. I am so glad he never went through with that idea. He resigned into law the “state secrets” program that Bush set in place to prevent law suits against the government. Most things should be hidden from the public. Otherwise the Health Care reform act would have never seen the light of day. And I don’t know about you, but I need a big brother watching over me. Obama also continues the Bush policy of refusing to release the White House visitors list. it’s really none of our business now is it. Transparency sounds good on paper, but where can you possibly hide all the lies then.

obama-bushI was a afraid at first when he told everyone that he would clean house in Washington and get rid of all of the lobbyist. Thank God that didn’t happen. less than 14 days after taking over the office he hired 17 lobbyist giving them all high-profile positions within our government. I mean who wouldn’t do that, the money was flowin yo. After all I’ll bet money he promised them all positions in exchange for campaign funding. Which would mean he lied directly to our faces and everyone bought it up.

I love Obama because he chose to keep Gates as Defense Secretary and Petraeus as commander of U.S. Central Command. they did such a great job under Bush didn’t they. He also rehired Geithner and Bernanke too. They did such a great job with the federal reserve and the country’s tax money under George W.

So don’t tell me I am an Obama basher. I love this guy. He is all about the people. Hell he even borrowed money from China to help us out. There is nothing this guy wouldn’t do for us. He only has us in mind.

Go Bam!

Compared to what most will think, I am not an Obama hater. I just think, as the same with Bush or Clinton, that they are in way over their heads. They want to do well, but were chosen for that job because they could be easily pushed around by big business. Every thing looked good until they sat behind that desk and realized that they had no power what so ever. Money is the true president. Why else would Obama have gone back on almost every single one of his promises. You think Bush was fit to run this country? A coke head, pot smoking drunk. He couldn’t even run a baseball team. And Clinton, please. He smoked but never inhaled, he never has sex with that woman, he was a chronic liar. But he had a great smile and could play the sax. What I don’t get are people who can’t see what’s real and only buy into the image. I can say I don’t like the health care bill without being unAmerican and get tossed out of the country. I can love this land and not agree on every one of it’s actions. I can also be wrong and be corrected which is why it’s always good to question. To question should not be a request for two pieces of wood and a box of nails.

In the words of great a man that should have been president…”and that’s all I have to say about that”.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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  1. rheath40 says:

    Paul, I think I’m going to like you. 🙂


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