Stored thought


As time goes on, and we get older, memories tend to fade. Sometimes we block them out, sometimes we choose not to relive them. The past couple of years I have reconnected, connected or just chatted with many people from my past. I know we all get older and the memory slips, but I find that so many people have lost entire periods of their lives. I talked to a friend that I knew while in my early twenties and there were so many memories of events that they had no recollection of what so ever.

I spoke with people who could not remember names or places of those who once were very important parts of their lives. I can understand the girl from high school who I had classes with from elementary all the way through graduation not being able to remember me. But when they couldn’t remember events from that period either, I had to begin to wonder.

Is it a rare thing for someone to be able to remember the details of their life, or is it common to simply make room for other thoughts. Am I the only one who lies awake at night taking strolls through lives once lived. I can remember being four years old in front of the t.v. while Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. I remember my first crush in kindergarten and how I use to steal her home work from her cubby hole just to have something she touched.

I can remember every detail of my first grade classroom as bullets flew through the glass windows and the sound they made as they crashed into the black board above our heads. And the feeling of the cold concrete on my knees was we crawled along the floor into the hallway.

I can remember being ten and playing chicken on a dead-end street we called dead man’s curve. The rush of being blindfolded and flying down the hill on a ten speed bike. I can still feel the blood running down my neck from the gash on the top of my head after crashing through the wooded fence that ran along side of the road.past_life_photo_100131246_std

I can still feel the pinch of the handcuffs on my wrist after being arrested for sneaking into the RUSH concert in the Meadowlands. Or the burning from the fire that first shot of tequila ignited the first time I took a shot.

I can remember the names, the places and the emotions. The sensations, the pains, and the sorrows. So why is it that so many have trouble recalling so much.

I have to wonder if any of it is real. Maybe I am creating my own past as time unfolds. Maybe none of it was real at all. Is it possible that this is my own private reality. That we remember things the way we want to remember them or choose to forget them all together. How can I tell someone of an epic adventure we shared just to have then be unable to recall any of it. Is it possible it never happened?

I suppose that’s the whole purpose of this blog. To remember. To tap into that part of the brain that many seldom use. The brain is a muscle that must be exercised or it becomes flabby and out of shape.
Read, write, recall. Ponder, create, envision. Question, inquire and think.

Because when I ask you if you remember about the time we came face to face with the five hundred pound black bear, I expect you to remember damn it!

2T6CAMEDZ5DCALHB1F2CAZWCZHVCAOZA1V4CABYWSQKCAL5Y6QYCA0L0CA9CABALI3JCAV8NQTOCA6R14BFCA0LWFE7CAMC9VB4CAROO0U2CAYSF0UYCAZUQBI6CADRV0ZECAT045VXCAEFPG80Because when we are old and gray and are sitting on our porches in our rocking chairs on a hot Summer day Sipping ice tea, we should be able to reflect on our life and remember all those great adventures and be fulfilled with our memories.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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