My Own Conspiracy Theory

Okay, this might get a little complicated but stick with me okay. I’ll try to keep it simple and to the point.
I know everyone has theories about government and elections and 911. I have a few of my own. During this election year I have seen and heard so many people voicing very passionate opinions on both sides of the table. But I think what they don’t realize is that none of it really matters. You see the banks run the world. They control the money therefore they control every aspect of our lives. The four main world powers fight for control of the money. That much everyone pretty much agrees on.

What you have to see is that the money controls who becomes president. The presidency is a figurehead to the policies of the country. A spokesperson for the White house. There is no Democratic party or Republican party. It is only a way to create debate and a false sense of security to the American people. Kind of like giving us a choice between a cut or a bruise. They publicize these debates and create larger than life characters to head them. They do this through mass media in the form of entertainment. SNL, The Late night talk shows, Family guy. They present us with actors playing a part. They give us a choice of who we wish to get behind. All the while neither party has anything to do with us or the quality of our life. Taxes are raised, or tax breaks are created to make us think they are on our side. If they were then they would do away with federal tax all together. The banks throw us crumbs in the form of mortgages, car loans, home equity loans and student loans. If they just made things more cost efficient than we wouldn’t need to be enslaved to a thirty year payment. Education should not come at such a high price. It’s set that way so the poor will never be able to get a higher education. We would simply save up for a house or a car or work part time to pay for college. If they keep us owing and uneducated, then they keep the rich rich and the poor poor. They control the insurance rates, the medical costs, the social security and the inflation. The only ones who are truly free are those who are homeless and jobless. And that is why they have made it illegal by form of vagrancy, trespassing or loitering. And on top of it, even the homeless will have to have health insurance or face incarceration. After all, if you are not giving money to the rich than you are useless. They will imprison you and force you to work off your debt on the inside.

If you look back at history, whenever the banks wanted to go to war with other banks, they would need to create a situation in order for the people to back their decision so there would be no revolutions or up risings. They place a Democrat into office. Then they create an act of terror or let a such act happen. The liberal Democrats will be soft on retaliation, and this will anger the public. They will then elect a Republican to come into office and clean things up through a military act. Then a Democrat will be elected to end the violence. It has happened time and time again.

From the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine off the shores of Cuba to get us into war with Spain. To the U.S.S. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. Pearl Harbor, The twin towers. These were all events to bring us into war. The U.S. might not have done the deed themselves but they let someone else do it in order to bring us into war. I mean really, after Watergate and after release of the Malcolm X files, can anyone trust anyone anymore. The devastation at Pearl Harbor had to put our Navy out of commission to justify an atomic attack. Nothing else would do. With the wealth and foreign aid and humanitarian aid we provide, to get a country to submit to us would be as simply as cutting off their trading capability and ending all aid. Not a single bullet ever be fired. But the only way to insure that the economy of those countries become so broken down that they must submit to foreign money or perish, they must first suffer in devastation and ruin.

The little things like the assassinations of four of our presidents and the attempts of four more just means that those men became rouge. They wanted to change the way things were done but the money said no. It said that you were bought and paid for and you do things my way or no way. Blood in and Blood out. As Clinton said, “Being president is like running a cemetery: you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening.”

So the banks run everything. They choose who will become president, which doesn’t matter to anyone but the common folk. Seeing how the banks control what bills become laws. Think “The seat belt law”. That benefits no one but the insurance companies. But it became a law. Obama care does not help anyone but the insurance companies who can now charge triple the amount for coverage than they did before. They take everything from us, and leave us with crumbs. They elect the chairs of the house. They choose the electoral college. They make people believe this is a democracy. Money makes the world go around after all. It’s not the root of all evil, it’s evil itself.

There is one thing that they don’t control however. And that is how long we live on this earth, or the purity in our hearts. They try to by creating religion and beliefs. They feed us hope of ever lasting life and god like capabilities. They tell us to just hang in there and work hard and God will reward us. Weather by Heaven or a thousand virgins. They create a world where good and evil are clearly marked. They do this with media and church. The media shows us films like for example, Rocky. A clear line between right and wrong. Us and them. And the only way to win is to fight. Church does this by drawing lines between everlasting life and eternal death. Do what you are told, or suffer the consequences.

Take another example. Japanese banks grow large enough to handle one eighth of the worlds trade of currency. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Johnson gets an excuse to join a war he so desperately wanted in on. The American people wanted revenge. We attack to the point that Japan was ready to surrender. They sent word that they would end the war if the U.S. promised to let their Monarch live. The Monarch controlled the flow of money. Johnson wanted an unconditional surrender. Stalin offers the forces of the U.S.S.R. to join the war and bring an end to it quickly. We drop the bomb instead. Merely to show the world what we were capable of, a show of unmatched force, no other reason what so ever. The war ends, we demolish their banking systems in the process. And we let their Monarch live anyway. Truman would not join the war. We elect LBJ and create a situation, therefore the backing of the common people and a justification for war. All because of money.

Iraq governments and their oil industry gets too big. They use Chinese banks and banks in Japan and Korea. Clinton tries to talk his way out of it. Bush comes in, 911 happens. We use Afghanistan as a launching pad to go to war with Iraq and topple their government. In the process we take down their financial institutions and freeze all money going to foreign banks. We also freeze up all transactions of currency coming out of Korea and Iran and refuse to trade with any country who does not follow our rule.

It’s just the way things are done and have always been done. We can’t stress over every little detail. Unless we are ready to back a civil war, this is the way it will always be. And if you look at all the other countries currently in civil wars, it destroys the land, destroys lives and so far, has never worked. New governments quickly become corrupted by money. We live and we die. I suppose we could vanish into the wild and live off the land. Or we can just make the best of what we have.

It will all be over soon enough. No matter how much money a man has, immortality can not be bought.

About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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