Holy Trinity

I learned at a very early age about the separation of mind, body and spirit. The holy trinity incased in an embodiment of flesh.  I have a deep understanding of just how important it is to try to keep all three of these things in sync with each other.

I lost a friend of mine in the Spring of 83. We had grown up together. Met in first grade and were the best of friends since. Greg Chastain was one of those kids who everyone liked. He was full of energy and charisma. He was always getting me into trouble but trouble tends to tighten the binds of friendship. He had long curly black hair, played guitar and had a continuous smile and the girls went crazy for him.

Greg  lost both his parents and his two of his siblings in a house fire when he was just two. His oldest sister had pulled him from the burning building. They were put into foster homes, both would be adopted by separate families and never see each other again. His adopted father would become an abusive drunk and his new parents would divorce when he was nine.  His mother was a good woman, but would grow so depressed by the time he was in high school that she would weigh so much she would no longer be able to move around. She would stay bed ridden for years. Greg was diagnosed with leukemia in his sophomore year of high school. He died before graduation.

I learned two things from my childhood friend. Two things that would shape my life for many years to follow. One is that as bad as you think you have it,  you probably don’t. Bad things happen, you suck it up and you move on. If you think the grass in greener on the other side, your sadly mistaken. I have seen the other side and it’s not very pretty.

Two is that no matter how much the brain wants to stay in control, and the spirit wants to heal the body, if the body chooses to go out on it’s own, there’s is little the two can do to help.

Our bodies are an entity all their own. There are billions of lifeforms dwelling within our bodies. Our blood flows, out hearts beat and air is pumped through out. The flesh is a world all within it’s self. The mind tries to stay in control of the body, it’s kind of like an auto pilot system. It tells the body when to react to things like injuries, discomforts and sensations. Our spirit can move back and forth from one to the other, and it likes to take the wheel from time to time. Like during times of pleasure, or in times of sorrow.

It’s the minds job to keep the body safe, it’s the spirits job to keep it healthy. If you feed the body with nutrition and exercise and you feed the mind with knowledge and wisdom, and you take care of the spirit with experience and growth, then life should be good. If you can get all three in sync, then life can be great. But you first have to realize that this body your in, and this mind that controls it are really just vessels for the spirit to dwell within. We all hope that once the vessel is no longer functioning properly, that we will move on to a different host to travel inside. That’s where faith comes in. but that’s a whole other subject. Although if there is a higher power who controls the moves, will that power give those who did not take care of their old vessels a new one. I mean they wrecked the first one right. And taking the complexity of the human being, these bodies have to be quite costly to make don’t ya think. Not sure everyone deserves an upgrade.

Who knows, these are just the sort of things my thoughts are directed to on late nights when I can’t sleep.

But I think once you realize and understand that the components of the trinity all need each other in order to survive. Even though they are three separate forms. Then you can start the bringing together of the conscience and propagate true growth. The body can leave the mind at anytime. The mind can fail the body, but the spirit is trapped within them both. Can one free the spirit? Well the answer is the key to humanity I suppose.



About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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