Soothing of the Savage Beast

They say a woman’s voice soothes the savage beast. And I believe it. I have been a huge music fan my entire life. I have loved every genre of the recorded sound.  But there is a quality about a woman’s voice that is just far superior to that of a males. The range is more broad and the tone is more soothing.

It’s seems that every decade there has always been one stand out voice. An artist that speaks to their generation. A singer who is innovative as well as captivating.  So this has led me to ponder on who those great voices were. Here is my list…

The 20’s brought us Annette Hanshaw. She was an incredible jazz singer among a world of great jazz singers. But during the roaring 20’s she owned the night clubs. She sang to packed houses in every smoking joint she entered. Her vocal style was original and she set the standard for many singers to come.

The 30’s brought us Lena Horne. Her smooth tones and powerful notes were absolutely beautiful.

The 40’s gave us the mesmerizing Dorothy Lamour. Her deep notes and full octaves were ahead of her time. And with the birth of the talking movies she expanded her audience to movie goers becoming the first of the dancer/singer/actress entertainers.

The 50’s of course gave us the immortal Patsy Cline. One of the most original vocal sounds ever. Even today she is often imitated but can never be duplicated. That may sound cliche, but I am sure that saying originated with her. 

The 60’s brought us the rebirth of the blues with Janis Joplin. Again setting the standard for female and male vocalist alike. She lived the life and felt every note she sang. We all did.

In a world of disco and dance music one voice emerged in the 70’s that would again raise the bar. Ann Wilson had a voice that hit notes no other singer was ever able to obtain. The power and control in her vocals are still unmatched today. She may very well be the greatest female vocalist of all time.

The 80’s brought to us many great female vocalist, but the one that stand out for me is Doro Pesch. She rose to fame as the first female singer in a heavy metal band with Warlock and then broadened her range with her solo work. She brought a raspy style mixed with melodic tones in a time when males vocalist ruled the airwaves. She held her own and surpassed many of her male counterparts. She proved that a woman could be just as powerful as any man in the world of metal music.

The 90’s to me was hard to decide, but there was one woman who stood out among the others. Sara McLachlan brought an all new sound to us. Her folk style and sultry tones were hypnotizing. She has a vocal style all her own and one that deserves and commands full attention. 

With the rise of the new millennium, the decade of 2000 gave us Kelly Clarkson. She brought back the full octave vocal range and with very strong and powerful notes. Her voice is superior and flawless.

And that bring us to the 2012. And once again there is a flood of great female vocalist who are just incredible artist. There are so many truly great singers. But for me the one who stands out above them all is Maria Banks. With her band In This Moment she has broadened the range and style of the female role in metal. She has redefined the role of women in metal. Her soothing melodies to her deep growls and high screams. The emotion in her notes can be felt with every lyric. She is amazing.

Well that’s my list. I am sure we all have our own lists. This is just my personal opinion. Other results may vary. I am sure.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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