What is it about football. Why do we invest so much of our time and emotion into something that is so selfish and so arrogant.  We scream at the t.v. We sit on the edge of our seats one moment and stand up and shout the next. We make full buffets of finger foods completely in its honor. We cook all day, chili, pulled pork, hot wings and loaded potato skins. We drink beer from frosty mugs and dress up in team jerseys as if we are somehow on the roster. We get up way early to go to a game and  we celebrate the game in the parking lot with grills, coolers, lawn chairs, couches, bars, coffee tables and for far longer than the actual game takes place.

Football is nothing like any other sport. Baseball is so slow-paced.  The scores are low, the games are long. There are so many games in a season it becomes a race of endurance rather than a competition of talent. Players tend to lay back and not step it up until the second half of the season.

Nascar is okay to watch. But you don’t really get emotional except for the opening flag and the last few minutes of the race. You find yourself wanting to see the elements not intended for the sport such as crashing head first into a wall. Like hockey and fights, hockey is a great sport but has lost all it sportsmanship.

Basketball is really just a farce. When everyone is over seven feet tall and each team almost always scores with every possession, what fun is that. It becomes a challenge of who can make the most baskets in the shortest amount of time.

Tennis and boxing are fun, but they are not team sports. You want to be part of something bigger, not just a follow a single person. Plus there’s no set uniform. People like to identify with logos. colors, and mascots.

But that still doesn’t explain why I am sitting here, feeling over joyed that Russell Wilson is dominating the field in preseason. I mean not only does he have no idea I exist, but it’s THE PRESEASON! and yet I am screaming and yelling like I just won the lottery.  What is wrong with me. And I am happy when other teams lose. I can’t just relish in the team I follows success, I have to find joy in the breakdown of other teams.

I have parties for the first day of the season, For midseason, and for Superbowl. Not to mention the play-off parties. I converted my garage not to some nice place to store my car, but a place to store my football stuff.  Jerseys cover the walls, autographed 8 by 10s. Footballs, towels, posters, helmets. I have a bar and a big screen t.v. and a couch. I have one room dedicated to nothing else but the watching of football.  I even have a garden where I grow all types of peppers, herbs and tomatoes for the sole purpose of making salsa and chili for the season. I brew even beer so to always have a keg line running in the bar.

And when the season is over…I watch NFL network reruns of old games. I watch x-players  explain why teams did not win or what they need to do to improve.

I am a football junkie. I know I have a problem. I even purchase team sweat shirts and jerseys for my family so they can pretend to be interested and so I won’t feel so alone in my madness.

And my biggest fault…I chose to be a Seahawks fan back in 1976 when they entered the league. If I would have known the constant heartache they would inflict, I might not have been so easily hypnotized by that stupid green bird on that gray helmet.  My sanity lies with you Mr. Wilson. Don’t let me down. NFL fans can’t jump ship. Once you commit, your stuck. through all that bad as well as the good. Just frikkin win some will ya! My well-being is at stake.

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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