My father, who guided me and gave me strength. Who taught me of loyalty and worth. My mother, who gave me comfort in troubled times. Who loved me unconditionally and sheltered me from the pain. My soul mate, from which there were no secrets. Who knew the real me and who could relate to my every thought. My trusted friend who always stood by my side and never let me fall. My brother in arms who fought alongside me and spilled blood in my defense.

Music was all these things to me. It was never just a soundtrack to a daily existence. It was a driving force, a movement, a passion. It moved and created and influenced. Somewhere within its emotion lied a portal, a passageway to a place far beyond the capabilities and limitations of the flesh and blood that embodied me.

From the discovery of my mother’s old Ricky Nelson 45’s she had hidden in the garage. To the mosh pit of Miss May I at this years Warped Tour. Music has carried me through life on its shoulders. Its a magical fountain of youth.

My exploration into this art form has been incredible and life altering. A form of art in which the only talent I possess in its world is the ability to be moved by the beauty of it without any restraint.

I find it an endless river, with hidden gems and secret passage ways. From the Hank and Patsy’s to the creation of guitar driven groups like Buddy Holly, the true king of rock and roll. To the metal that shaped my life in the 80’s to the high energy of the bands today. Music has places steps in my life, landing points for which I can return to and reflect.

So many people get older and stop listening to anything new. Stop growing.  If I have heard a song a hundred times, I have heard the song enough for a life time. There is so much good new music out there as well as an unlimited amount of old music I have yet to discover. Would you read the same book over and over?  Radio stations breed conformity. Conformity deteriorates youth. Never give up on growth. Life is too short to live it on replay.

Music has been an incredible journey that is far from finished. Like any memory, it’s always nice to remember the highlights, and learn from the low points, but you should never stop making them

Live it loud. Dance, move, get lost in the moment. Turn it down and tune it out then you might as well cash it in.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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