Conspiracy theory conclusion

Ok, with all the talk of conspiracy theories lately I decided to do as much reasearch on the subjects as I could just for argument sake, but ended up burying myself in it. So this is my conclusion and no more will be said on the subject.

I read books on both sides of the table, rebuking the rebuking of, whatever. from 911 to chemtrails to fluoride in the water to columbine. Then I read a series of books titled Fundamentals of critical argumentation. I learn that you can take a statement from the liar himself and make it sound like the word of god. So I threw all those books out the window. I only read studies and reports and analysis from those who had PHDs in the respected fields. Now theorist will say that they are still lies because those people obtained their PHDs from government granted institutions. But I also read those written by theorist with PHDs. (there are not that many). They both came to the same conclusion. Although some theories are probable and some are possible, there is no absolute. Possibility lies on both sides.

So back to square one. I went in a different direction and started reading the works of Stalin (The court of the red Tsar), The rise and fall of the third Reich, The bible of the Aryan brotherhood and Mein Kampf. And this is the common belief that I found in these books. All three major wars were started over money and the banks that control it. The banks in Israel wanted control of the money in europe, germany protested. The holocaust was fabricated to send the us into war. The banks in japan with world trade in their pocket began gaining too much power, the world banks couldn’t have it, so we created pearl harbor to go to war. with the price of oil sky rocketing, we made 9-11 happen to send us into war with Iraq and Iran. If someone was to take out Isrial, freedom would be restored. The only way a 3rd world war would happen is if the world banks tried to control Russian or Chinese money. and civil war would turn the u.s. into a third world.

Joseph Stalin said that the best way for a democratic society to build an army is through recession. That the youth would be forced to join the military due to lack of options.  Herman Goering said that if you create acts of terror within your own country to make the people believe they were under attack,  the people will rally behind the government for war.  Hitler believed the Jewish financial system was the root of all evil. It would be interesting to know if there is any theorist out there who has any Jewish friends. hmm.

If your religious, this is all part of the plan and there is no need to worry. Revelations laid it all out pretty clear, if you’re not, you better learn to speak spanish.

It’s more logical to think that the government creates conspiracy theory propaganda filled with half-truths to keep the world guessing as to what the truth really is. If any of these people actually spoke the truth, they would already be dead. After all they killed Lennon for a lot less. And now that I think about it, why didn’t we just blow up the world trade center using just bombs without taking such high risk on the whole airplane facade and say that terrorist blew it up. That would be a hell of a lot more believable.

So I did one last thing, I research just how much money is made off of scarring people. And as it turns out, a lot. Alex Jones brings in 5 million a year. Micheal Moore is worth over 500 million. “The Times” in London triples it’s sales whenever running a Princess Diana story. The John Birch Society and the KKK even years passed their heyday bring in millions every year. “Fortean Times” is a fortune 500 magazine selling nothing but conspiracy theory stories. Same as “Lobster magazine”. There are 4 to 12 t.v. shows on Netflix or cable t.v. at any given time airing shows on the subject.   There are 196,600 websites dedicated to conspiracy theories. 1,077 titles on Amazon and another 12,078 in it’s individual-operated shop.  “Protocols of the learned elders of Zion” has sold 64,000 copies with 2 million on order. Movies on the subjects have raked in more than a half a billion dollars in revenues.

There are over 3000 lecturers on the subjects listed by Google alone, charging 250 to 1,000 dollars per appearance.

Not to mention a 3,000 websites who sell end of the world survival equipment, Military MRI’s, canned foods, tents, water purifying pills. The gun manufacturers selling ammo and high powered rifles. And the biggest business of all. The sale of New World Order or 2012 shelters. People are buying them up like crazy. 2 and half million for a room in a bomb shelter. The location can not be disclosed to the buyer until after the first sign of the coming of  the end. Most of these places don’t even exist I’m sure. When they interviewed one of the developers on the discovery channel the other night they asked him what he would do in January when 2012 was over and nothing happened. He said that he would start marketing them for 2043 when we are suppose to be hit by a meteor.

The only one not making money is Peter Joseph, who just filed bankuptsy this Summer. He’ll accept the government’s help even though they are the source of all evil I’m sure.

The Warren Commission Report was made available at every public library for anyone to read following the investigation into the JFK assassination. Because a few select people who wrote conspiracy theory books came forward and said that the massive three volume book was all lies and part of the cover up, only a hand full of people bothered to read it. Their books went on to sell millions. Even today the report is available on Amazon for a modest 8.00 and has sold such a small amount of copies that it is no longer in print. Which mean more people will read and believe in the conspiracy without ever reading the official report written by over 100 different experts most not even affiliated with any government institution.

Presidents Garfield and McKinley were also assassinated while in office and with far more reason for conspiracy. But you never hear about them because they were unpopular and lack charisma. In other wards, they couldn’t sell books or bring people into the movie theaters.

It’s big business, It always has been. From JFK to the Beatles “Paul is dead”  to The New World Order. Wherever there is a possible conspiracy, there will be money making theories.


About paulsdahlman

Born in Southern California, raised on the road and now growing roots in New England. I am on the journey of my lifetime. May the footprints I leave behind form the words to my story.
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