Wednesday thoughts vol 1,245

I didn’t watch any news today. So I’m just going to ramble aimlessly and see where I end up.

I was reading “Psychology today” the other day and there was an article on how terror networks are able to manipulate someone’s insecurities in order to influence their emotions and distort their conscience so they will be able to execute inhumane directives. Or something along those lines. So in other words…they brainwash ya.

It got me thinking about those kids in New Mexico. Starved and abused. Being trained to carry out school shootings. I wonder if any past shootings were carried out by trained adolescent assassins and just covered up by finding a scapegoat to take the fall so we wouldn’t know that the Islamic war has infiltration our borders. I think about the Vegas sniper, the Beltway sniper, and the Aurora shooter. I think about the terror networks that post instructions online on how to set wildfires for maximum damage. Scary stuff. I’m sure I’m just being paranoid. Random kids with mental issues are probably the more likely culprit . And a disgruntled neighbor lit the Hope fire because someone kept using his trash can. Sounds about right.

There are three basic elements of brainwashing. An opiate for the masses if you will.

1. Limit the information available.

2. Control behavior.

3. Distraction through repetition.

In religion its very common. They provide you with information. Bibles, Korans and other various forms of literature. They tell you their word is the word of God and that you shouldn’t seek answers anywhere else. (Limit information). Everyone not in the religion is “lost” or “unsaved” or “worldly”. Infidels! Those heathens, you can’t trust any of them. Lol

They feed you small doses of stress and reward. (Controlled behavior). It’s called the “Stick and Carrot”. If your bad you get a switch across your knuckles, if your good they dangle a carrot in front of you. Something you want but is always out of reach. Avoid the stick desire the carrot. Heaven and Hell. If your bad you feel the wrath, if your good your blessed. Chop off a finger or get a thousand virgins. Your choice.

An effective way to control a group of people is keeping them from free thought through repetitive ritualistic behavior. Repetitious acts keep the brain preoccupied, distracted. Church every Sunday. Kneel when you pray, cross your chest, confess your sins. Drink the wine, eat the bread, spill the blood and chant the hymns. Stand up, sit down, put up s tree, hide some eggs. Ugh, it’s exhausting.

This also applies to government and politics.

They limit information by feeding the media what they want you to hear. They sensor web traffic and silence free speech. The libraries are getting smaller, archives are shrinking and monuments are disappearing.

They give you the stick and carrot by threats of incarceration if you break the law, or heavy fines if you don’t follow the rules. They bait you with the American Dream. It’s right there, all you have to do is grab it. Democrats good, Republicans bad, divide and confuse like an elaborate trick of smoke and mirrors. Chase the paper…it’s all about the money money money…got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

They distract you with the basic rituals. Alarm clock, coffee, work, gym, slave, grind, rinse and repeat.

Now if you want to brainwash someone into individual behavior modification, you simply toss in a little sleep deprivation and nutritional starvation. High sugar and salt diets eat up nutrients while booze and caffeine make for long nights. Works beautifully.

Don’t quote me on any of this stuff, I’m really just making it up as I go along.

But anyway. It’s not as bad as it seems. You see, the truth lies within us all already. It’s just a matter of listening to yourself. Do you really need religion to tell you that God exists? If everything they tell you is true, shouldn’t you know it already?

So if you can feel it, then you already know the ending right? The only thing that’s left is the journey.

So put your faith in your own heart, and seek your own truth. Don’t put too much stock in current affairs. There’s much more important things to think about then if the word “dog” is racist or not. It’s just a distraction from the 30,000 bombs they drop on people every year.

November elections are just around the corner. Hold onto your britches, it’s gonna get crazy.

Weather forecast is….. Rain with periods of sunshine and clouds mixed with humidity, high pressure and the occasional gust of wind. Enjoy!

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This weeks thoughts while watching the news

“The Equalizer 2” comes out this week. Wonder who in Hollywood thought, “Hey what we really need now is a movie that glorifies guns, murder and extreme violence non stop for two hours…again”. 

The roast of Bruce Willis aired recently. Now I understand why Demi Moore doesn’t act anymore. She’s looney as a frikkin tune. She made Dennis Rodman seem normal. And how many drugs did her and Bruce do when they conceived Rumor anyway? Holy crap!

Eight more states have legal marijuana on the ballot this November. Weed always gets a bad rap. They say it makes people unmotivated. But you can do the same things when your stoned as when your not. You just realize it’s not worth the effort is all. 

An algae bloom is creating a red tide which is killing sea life in Florida at a massive rate. The same thing is happening along the gulf coast where the Mississippi River enters it. Dead fish and sea life flood the beaches and the water is admitting toxic gases. This is a direct result of phosphorus fertilizer used by the sugar cane farms and Tyson foods. Why isn’t this a “breaking news” report? They cry about global warming and burning fossil fuels but ignore this? Crazy! 

A fire tornado erupted in California, Yosemite closed due to fires, a monsoon destroyed Bangladesh,  a tropical storm devastated Shanghai. 87 died in a wild fire in Greece, 70 drowned in heavy rains in India, 90 died in an earthquake in Indonesia, landslides killed 46 in Thailand, a typhoon in Japan, a volcano in Vanuatu, floods in Vietnam Nam. It’s been a very crazy week around the world. Combine that with the 63 wars currently being fought, the 1.3 million who have died in those wars in this past year alone. The 71 people shot in Chicago over the weekend.  Not to mention the three meteors that hit Earth this week, one in Russia, one in Africa and one in the United States. I would say the Six seal is definitely about to break WIDE OPEN.

If you don’t know what the sixth seal is, don’t worry about it. It’s too late to play catch up now. And it’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Let me know how It turns out.

Candace Owens was harassed at a restaurant and forced to leave because she’s a conservative. They screamed in her ear with blow horns “F… white supremacy”. It didn’t matter that there were children present or that she is black. Proving that the dumbest people on the planet aren’t just basketball players. 

The typical Republican has very different views from the “alt right” groups,  just like the typical Democrat has different views from the socialistic far left. Which is why the Democratic Party would not back Bernie Sanders and why Obama is refusing to campaign for socialist politicians running in 2018. 

Racist hate groups are NIT politically motivated. They are anti government. Just like AntiFa groups are anarchist. The two mobs clashing at rallies has nothing to do with this country or the people in it. It’s about hate. It’s the media that politicizes it. 

Very sad about the 11 children they found starving in an underground compound in New Mexico. The two heavily armed Muslim men who held them captive were arrested without any of the children getting hurt thank God. A witness said the kids looked like third world refugees. Which I found odd because in this country third world refugees dress nice, eat well and own…well pretty much everything. 

You think women who live under Sharia law watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and think, it’s not so bad, at least she can show her face and still has all of her fingers.

Fun fact, the prophet Mohammad had many wives, his youngest was six years old when he was 59. But it was a different time back then and girls matured much faster. 

I’m not sure how the political ads are in other states, but here in Connecticut every single Democrat running for a seat has an anti Trump commercial. It may pay off in this very liberal state. But I wish they would win on merit, integrity and a solid platform. Not a hate campaign against a man who they accuse of running a hate campaign.

Robert Redford announced he’s retiring from acting. Guess he can take that wig off finally. 

There were 157 Confederate monuments taken down since 2016. Yet there are now 237 more than in 2016. It seems that the outrage that brought so many down has outraged  even more to put new ones up. In the same way that passing gun laws spark a surge in gun sales. Sometimes politicizing something just increases its size.  

But on a good note. Two elderly men snuck out for their convulsant hospital in Germany. After a six hour search by the authorities they were found at the Waken open air metal festival. They were disoriented and dazed but otherwise ok. I can relate to them but I also know I need to grow up at some point. I realized that yesterday from my fort. Not sure why I hold onto my childhood anyway, it sucked, which is a good thing really. It made it a much easier transition into my lower middle class adulthood. 

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend. Get on the water if you can. Pool, sprinkler, ice bucket…margaritas. Whatever it takes to stay cool. Embrace to Summer.

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Democratic Propaganda 

This is the very thing wrong with Democrats. They lie constantly. Republicans are for whatever bathroom your comfortable with. Only Ted Cruz has issues with it. Republicans would welcome gun control as long as it was universal. It worked in other countries because the law enforcement also had to comply. That’s not something they are willing to do in the states. Republicans are for more education, it’s the Democrats the  ended No child left behind and cut funding for public. education to pay for Obamacare, which also shows they don’t care about healthcare and they sent middle class families into poverty. Don’t let these people fool you. 

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Wake up people! 

What do all these people have in common? Yup…they all protest Trump. 

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So on the eve of my 50th birthday, I find myself reflecting on the significance of my time upon this planet and about how things have changed since I’ve been alive. And you know something?  The more I ponder on this the more I realize that nothing has really changed at all. 
First let me start by saying that the year I was born, 1965,  may have been the most eventful year in all of history. It was the year that saw the death of Winston Churchill and the assassination of Malcolm X.  It was the year that Rover 9 landed on the moon and the year the Russians completed the first successful space walk which started the international race to the moon. It was the year that the United States officially entered the Viet-Nam war. It was the year that gave us the birth of Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen and Rob Zombie . (LSD was also wildly popular as well which might explain those three).   


Mohammad Ali was the heavyweight champion of the world and the first ever NFL Superbowl was about to take place between the Green bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs.


On my birthday itself, September 11th, the world became a little darker with the birth of Bashar Al-Assad.


I know, I know,  but it made up for it by giving us the birth of Diane Lane. Who I would see 13 years later in a small play in a tiny theater in downtown Los Angeles and immediately would fall madly in love.


September 11th also was the day the first Calvary division landed in Qui Nhon, South Vietnam.


1965 brought us Martin Luther King and his march across that bridge in Selma, Alabama.


We had a Democratic president in Lyndon B. Johnson who had created a racially divided country. 200 police attacked 450 protesters, beating them and dowsing them in tear gas. Further marches ensued that year and with growing pressure from the civil rights activists and the Republican heavy congress. President  Johnson was forced to pass the “right to vote law” granting all minority citizens the right to cast a ballet.


But it was a little too late, the Watts Riots ignited anyway.


On Sunday morning of April 25, 1965, 16-year-old Michael Andrew Clark opened fire on cars traveling along highway 101 just south of Orcutt, California, from a nearby hilltop. Three people were killed and ten were wounded before Clark committed suicide upon arrival of police.
Two hundred and fifty thousand men, women and children were massacred in Indonesia by the government after the United States declared them to be Communist party sympathizers.
On July 16, 1965 eight nurses were brutally murdered by Richard Speck. (The details I won’t bother going into ).
Islamic state of Pakistan declared war on India and began terrorist activity throughout the Middle East to purge the area of western influence.


On September 11th 1965 The Beatles “Help” was number one on the charts with The Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” closing in at second.


“The Sound of Music” was number one at the box office and “Gun smoke” was the highest rated show on television. It was also the year that all shows were broadcasts for the first time in full living color. 


So looking back at 1965 and looking at today, not much has changed.  Islamic nations still hate western culture. The top rated t.v. shows still depict gun violence, prostitution and drug use as normal everyday life.  Assad is now in power and still a dark shadow of humanity.  We still have a Democratic president creating a racially divided country and we still have African-American citizens rioting over equality. There are still people shooting people for no reason. “The sound of music” was just recently back in the theaters. We still have the worst foreign policy since, well since Johnson lived in the white house. 
Sheen, Downey Jr. and  Zombie are still pretty messed up … and I am still madly in love with Diane Lane.  


We all still need help and still get no satisfaction.

I am still a part of a family of six just as I was growing up, only now I am the oldest and it’s me who runs the house. (please don’t tell my wife, she thinks she runs it). The sun still shines, the theories still conspire, the days still turn to nights. The ice caps are still melting and big brother is still watching everybody.


I was really hoping for more you know. Some flying cars, a lazer gun or two, a teletransporter would be cool. But no. All I got was less hair and a little more waist. There is still no world peace and the world is still coming to an end. Communist still suck and Liberals still suck the air out of the room. Republicans still are to blame for anything that happens to go wrong and the Cubs still haven’t won a World Series.  

Let hope when my children reflect on their  50 years they will see more of a change.

All in all, life has been very kind to me. The key is to just let it happen. Savor the moments that are good and  don’t stress over the times that are bad. You catch the breeze when it flows and you leave no beauty unappreciated. Trust in the bigger plan. Realize that this existence is a mere blip in our journey. 

Life is all about perception. Perceive it well.

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th (1)
We live in a world so distant from reality that nothing appears to be real. We no longer challenge ourselves in life but merely allow ourselves to be. We hope for change yet complain when even our social media software is updated. We look to strangers for validation instead of looking from within ourselves. We want to be told we are beautiful in order for us to feel beautiful,  instead of feeling beautiful simply for being us.

Life is set on cruise control.

We order food online, make reservation online, and buy tickets online. We shop on Amazon and E-bay. We download movies, music and books. We play video games on live devices and games on phones that are smart. We text. We sext. We stalk. We interact and we socialize. We keep in touch but we keep our distance, there’s a lot of crazies out there after all.

th (3)
We ask for prayers online, for sympathy in chat rooms and for support in social networks. We ask a machine because a machine asks for nothing back. A virtual pat on the back is better than actually getting out of the chair and going out and earning one.

We work from home, eat on the run and stay hidden in the haze of Big brother. If we play Sims and watch reality television we feel we are a part of everyday life.

We are a society of quick fixes. We take pills to lose weight, to gain weight, to keep our weight. There are pills for pain, pills for anxiety and pills for depression. Anti-psychotics, anti-inflammatory s and anti-acids. Pills to get pregnant, pills to not get pregnant and pills for an erection that’s no longer interested in being erect.

We take dietary supplements, hormonal steroids and eat protein melted in candy bars.

We have operations to shrink our stomachs, increase our bust and suck the fat from our thighs.  We have hair implants, chest implants and animal fat injected into our lips. We take testosterone to be more masculine, estrogen to be for feminine and sometimes change our sex all together.


We build weapons to destroy the masses. Diseases to be our silent killers and yet still cry about a woman’s right to choose.

We get the facts about the world from a computer screen. We take our news with a beer that taste like soda and a grain of imitation salt.

th (4)
A world of billions has become a race of seven.

We PRIDE ourselves on our shallowness and disbelief. We fill ourselves with WRATH from that false pride. Wrath against that which we do not understand. We ENVY those who are rich for doing nothing. We LUST after what which we do not have. We are GREEDY in our desires and our need to be accepted. We are GLUTTON in our selfishness and for the punishment we feel to be so unwarranted. Most of all we are SLOTH. For we sit by and let it happen. We sit on our couches, twiddling on our phones, watching T.V. and eating gluten free cream filled cake treats with artificial sweeteners while the world decays around us.

We are seven.
It was once believed that the seven deadly sins were set in place by evil forces out to destroy humanity. That the seven would destroy the four. The four being GRACE, CHARITY, WISDOM and CLARITY. Four elements needed for a happy life, as well as a fitting end to said, happy life.

I guess I started thinking about all this the other day while I was talking to this fifteen year old kid. He told me he spent all his time in his room during the Summer. He slept all day and played video games all night or watch shows on You tube from his tablet. I asked him why he never went out and he told me he liked being alone. Kids couldn’t make fun of his weight or the way he dressed if he stayed in his room. Although they could be pretty mean to him online sometimes. He told me he had lots of friends, there were kids from all over the world that he talked to online. He was on Prozac for depression, Ambien for insomnia and said he was trying to lose weight by taking something called Bupropion.

He said he doesn’t socialize outside of his sister and mother and he rarely spoke to them. He wasn’t even sure where he would go to meet other kids if he wanted to. He likes this girl from his history class but could never bring himself to talk to her. He did send her a friends request on Facebook once,  but she’s yet to accept it. This poor kid, who I felt was not over weight what so ever, and he might not have had the most stylish clothes on but he looked ok. All I could think about was how there must be millions of kids who are just like him. They are letting the world pass them by because they lack the desire to live. Their parents don’t bother because they are lacking the desire themselves. It’s insane that the more advanced society becomes the more distant from reality we grow.

th (2)

I miss standing in line overnight to get good seats to a concert. I miss going to record stores and thumbing through stacks of vinyl. I miss camping out to be the first one in the theater to see “Star Wars” and sneaking cans of beer past the ticket counter for the midnight showing of “Rocky Horror”. I miss pen pals and scented letters from girls who sealed the envelopes with lipstick. I miss rock fights, rubber band wars and G.I. Joe adventures. Hot wheel tracks spread across the living room floor and monopoly games that lasted entire weekends. I miss poems left on windshields, roses left on door steps and pebbles tossed at windows.

th (5)

I miss laundry hung on lines, food from the corner market and milk delivered to your doorstep. Telephone calls and handshakes. Not a text and a fist bump.

Anyway, not to get off subject by reminiscing about the nostalgic.

True happiness lives outside of the seven. That’s what I am trying to say. Get out of the house. Run, jump and play. Read, listen and touch everything. Taste, smell and observe.

Be graceful, be charitable, and never stop seeking wisdom, clarity and truth.
This is our life. It was given to us not by chance but for purpose. Don’t waste a single moment. Forget the Facebook friends request. A poem, a rose and a pebble go a lot further.


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