Wednesday thoughts while watching the news: June 6, 2019

Wednesday thoughts while watching the news: I didn’t turn the news on last week, so this week is rather long. Sorry about that.

Do you think when Ashley Ellerin stood up Ashton Kutcher he was thinking “she better have a damn good excuse”. Turned out she did.

On May 30th while speaking at an event in Brazil, Obama took the opportunity to speak negatively about U.S. gun laws. He said, “Our gun laws don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time, without much, if any, regulation. They can buy guns over the internet, they can buy machine guns.” Proving that EVERY politician lies. Why do people pretend it’s so exclusive?

You can take the princess out of Hollywood but you can’t take the Hollywood out of the princess.

Guess every religion has its dark side. Catholics have their pedophiles, Muslims have their jihadist, and Mormons have their polygamy. Mormon leader Paul Kingston is reported to have 27 wives and over 300 kids. His brother David has 18 wives and over 200 kids. A 17 year old girl who was promised to her first cousin escaped “The Order” and is now speaking out. Organized religion is great isn’t it, and those who look the other way. Where is the outrage for these women?

There’s a thing called “Cultural appropriation”. God will people ever stop whining. I swear they just make stuff up to justify their misery.

I heard someone say “there is going to be racism until the day we die”…um no crap. There’s also going to be girlfriends who cheat, men who are abusive, governments that wage war and people who throw their garbage out of the car window. I mean you do understand where we are right? We’re not in Eden anymore people.

If only 3.8 percent of the population is gay, why is 100 percent of Netflix gay?

I’m buying stock in Plan B, I have a feeling it’s about to skyrocket soon.

I honestly don’t think people really care what other people do. They’re just tired of paying for it….If contraceptives are too much of a hassle and you can’t afford the ten bucks for Plan B but you still want to have sex, I get it, tequila is great! But if you get pregnant and decide you don’t want to keep it, fine, kids are a lot of work I know. Just don’t ask anyone other than yourself to pay for it.

If you feel like your a dude trapped in a woman’s body and need to change “things” up, I don’t care. It’s not easy being a man sometimes. Just don’t make tax payers pay for it. I want a truck instead of an SUV but you don’t see me asking anyone to buy it for me. So if your in the military or in jail, then I’m going to want you to wait until your on your own dime to make the ole switcheroo.

If you feel that the country you were born in is just not worth saving and you need to jump ship and find a better life here in this country, cool. I get it. I wouldn’t want to live in your country either. Just pay your own way like we’re all doing. Bringing our country down won’t make you feel better about leaving yours when it needed you most.

Taking OUR money to pay for YOUR wants is where the problem lies.

Why do these politicians keep saying that we need to rebuild our democracy. We live in a republic you idiots.

I can’t believe people are still blaming violence on guns. Pharmaceutical companies cause way more violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts then a chunk of metal ever did. And if politicians and media personalities weren’t constantly telling us how doomed we all are people wouldn’t be pushed off the ledge their already teetering on.

I’m glad they found that woman who was lost in the woods for 17 days wearing nothing but shorts and a tank top. I guess inexperience only gets you so far in the jungle before you start eating bugs to survive. A map and a compass might seem like primitive instruments, but when your phone battery dies you’ll be glad you had them. I’m sure she will be more prepared next time. You don’t usually make that mistake twice.

There were 185 deaths related to the flu last year. Heart disease claimed 97,000. So 5 deaths out of the 1.3 million immigrants that crossed our borders this year is nothing. But of course THAT’S what the focus will be on. CNN even said that the deaths were deliberate. Can you even imagine them saying such a thing? If they want to blame someone why not blame the adult who committed the crime that resulted in the death of a child. It certainly wasn’t the person trying to help them. I guess the truth doesn’t fit into their narrative.

Typhoid fever, bubonic plague, tuberculosis and the measles have all made a comeback in California. The cause seems to be the fleas that infest the rats that eat the fesses off the sidewalk from all the homeless people. I’ll grab my flute and be right there. But once the symphony of destruction is over with, you better have a plan better then the last one.

Connecticut is so far in debt that it will never get out without help. The roads and bridges are falling apart. So the democrats passed a bill on May 15th making it a “super sanctuary” state. Illegal immigration already cost the state three times what it would cost to repair its infrastructure. So why not. Pissing the president off is far more important than the quality of the life of those they promised to serve.

I kinda like it when celebrities rant and rave about politics. It makes me feel better about myself. It means that fame and fortune can’t buy intelligence, but it can create an ego so big that it thinks we care about what they have to say.

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono talked to an 8th grade class about abortion. EIGHTH FRIKKIN GRADE! Asking them if they thought the government should be able to tell a woman if she could have a baby or not. I don’t care what side of the fence your on, only a true POS uses children for a political statement. This woman has lost any and all credibility as a human being and if my kid were in that class I would be pissed the F off.

Mueller made a statement about his statement where he said that just because he couldn’t find a crime doesn’t mean there wasn’t one…umm yeah, I think it does you idiot.

When history is forgotten it tends to repeat itself. Doesn’t anybody remember the battle of Tripoli and why it was fought? Why Thomas Jefferson sent Marines to its shores and why he decided to use a Quran to be sworn into office with? It certainly wasn’t because he was Muslim. The American/Islamic war along the Barbary Coast was the beginning of the end for the Ottoman empire. But hey, the past is the past right? They wouldn’t hold a grudge for this long would they. I’m sure they forgot all about it by now. It’s obvious WE have.

Ralph Nader fainted during a senate meeting. All that hate must be weighing him down.

Nadler praised the democratic led congress for passing into law that transgender men can legally play women’s sports. Many professional athletes have been speaking out against it. Two male runners in Connecticut have dominated girls’ high school track over the past year. Not even transgender, just men who identify as women. Maybe that’s what transgender means, I don’t know. They dominate MMA fighting as well and are rising up the ranks in women’s professional tennis. Many female competitors are calling the male athletes advantage “demoralizing.” I think the world has lost their minds. There’s a reason why Clark couldn’t play football for Smallville high.

The only ones who think the confederate flag is racist is a racist. To everyone else it’s just an old flag. Symbols of hate are only that because someone said they were. Not because they are. At least the cross, the pentagram and the swastika were inverted to make symbols of redemption, protection and peace into symbols of hate. The finger was just a finger, until someone told you it wasn’t. Don’t give symbols any value or power. They really don’t actually mean what idiots tell you they mean.

I hope they find the body of Jennifer Dulos. The authorities are ready to cut a deal with the suspects in return for her whereabouts. It just goes to show that you can have millions of dollars, multiple houses, beautiful kids, great career, high education, and still be so miserable it drives you to murder. What a shame.

Well Summer is here. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Wednesday thoughts while watching the news: May 22, 2019

The wild mustang population is growing in the country. So much that they are running out of pastures to graze. So the government is paying people to take a horse in and care for it. Damn I wish I had enough land to take a couple in. The horses are beautiful.

People are comparing the Alabama abortion laws to The Handmaids tale. They obviously have never read the book because it’s not even close. The same people would compare Trump to Hitler.

Watching that video of the immigrants who invaded the airport in France yesterday chanting “France does not belong to the French, it belongs to everyone”, was pretty scary. But that’s how half of our country already feels. America belongs to everyone.

They said just now that it cost 100,000 dollars a year to care for one immigrant. How is that possible? Most people born here live off of a lot less than that a year. I raised four kids at half that.

And if it cost that much but they are still “living in cages” somebody is lying somewhere.

The same people who actually believe kids are being put in cages also think that the green M&M’s make you horny.

Because Obama looked the other way and let states go against federal law and legalize marijuana and legalize illegal sanctuary for criminals, now they think they can do whatever they want. It’s a free for all. And it’s exactly what the American socialist wants. To destroy everything we’ve built in order to rebuild it with a socialized government.

Mueller REALLY wanted to find ANYTHING he could to bring charges against the president. He spent two years looking but ultimately found nothing. So when people say that his report shows cause for impeachment they are just being stupid. If they are so certain than impeachment him already, otherwise stop crying, it’s so annoying.

I get it. Robert DeNero’s life is falling apart. His wife left him and his career is at its end. He put 1.5 million into the Clinton foundation in hopes to receive government grants to keep his film festival alive. When that fell through he just couldn’t keep it together anymore. Now he’s just a bitter old man. And Jim Carry has lost every woman he’s ever loved. Two by suicide. And he’s also at the end of his career. So he is trying to get people to buy his crappy paintings by being a loon. Picasso he’s not but I’m guessing he will cut something off soon. More than likely his fan base.

It was pretty cool of that rich guy to pay off all the student loans of the graduating class of his alma mater. It would be cool if every rich person did that, but then again the second that happened tuition would triple I’m sure. Greedy bustards.

Education and insurance, the two biggest scams in the world. The second it was mandatory for everyone to have insurance medical cost quadrupled.

I think everyone should see the movie “Unplanned”. Especially young women. It’s an important film.

Democrats in the House are celebrating Friday’s passage of the Equality Act. I don’t think it has a chance in the senate though. But it’s a further push to discredit and destroy the Christian faith and ultimately replace it with….well I’ll leave it there so Facebook doesn’t ban me.

Just keep in mind the three stages of invasion.




Well it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead in the great north east. Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day weekend. It’s a good time to remember those who paid the ultimate price to insure our freedoms and to rid the world of socialism.

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Wednesday thoughts while watching the news: May 15, 2019

Wednesday thoughts while watching the news:

NASA says it needs five years to get back to the moon. And that right now they just don’t have the money to develop the technology needed to land safely. Didn’t we do it like fifty years ago? Or did we? We can’t dust off old Capricorn One and go back into the studio?

Wow those last two school shooting didn’t last in the news long. What, like 8 hours? Maybe because hand guns were used or because armed guards stopped them, who knows. I don’t think they should get any coverage at all anyway.

So they have launched an investigation into the legitimacy of the Russian investigation. This is why they held Barr in contempt of Congress and tried soooo hard to get the attorney general to step down. This could be bad, not just for the Democratic Party but for Republicans too because they had control of Congress at the time and did nothing to stop it. It’s a dark time for sure in American politics when elected officials stage an opposition to bring down a legitimately elected president. If they find that it indeed was a witch hunt, then everyone charged or convicted under the Mueller investigation could be exonerated under entrapment laws. The president won’t have to pardon anyone. Lol could you imagine. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

I’ve always been anti-government in the scenes that I believe it always oversteps it’s bounds and is fueled by greed far more then it’s working for the prosperity of its people. So you can see where my joy in this administration comes from. “Screw ‘em all, screw the government”.

Alabama is the newest state to ban abortion. None of these bans have actually gone into effect. They will have to work their way through the courts first where it’s expected to fail. This is really just a retaliation to New York passing the abortion to birth law. Which was only passed to upset the president in an attempt to get some kind of reaction from him that they could use against him in 2020. It’s all politics. Neither side really gives a crap about you. But the more this kind of stuff happens the more that not only Americans further divide, but now entire states divide. Sides are being drawn. It’s only a matter of time before liberal states secede from the union….again.

This could have all been prevented if Planned parenthood was defunded. If it went to private donations instead of forcing the taxpayers to pick up the check no one would have to ban abortion to defund it. And it would never be an issue.

Why is the left concerned that tariffs are going to cost the American people so much money, but taking half our paycheck to pay for healthcare for everyone won’t? I buy my own healthcare thank you very much. Go get your own you lazy… never mind. I’m just so sick of living pay check to pay check because I have to pay for somebody else’s lack of ability to function properly. Keep in mind that they now want to pay for the 12 million illegal immigrants living here as well as the millions still coming in every year. Remember what Pelosi said, “Spending money isn’t a big problem. It’s offset by raising taxes.”

Medicare for all and the Green new deal is really just new taxes with a pretty name.

I believe that if a parent is responsible for the care of a child until they are 18 then the parent should be held accountable for the actions of that child.

If your kid is a bully and pushes another kid to suicide, that’s on you. If you leave a gun unsecured and your dumb kid shoots someone, that’s on you. If you let your son go on a date unchaperoned and he assaults a girl, that’s on you. If your kid steels a car, robs a store or resists arrest and gets shot by a cop guess what, that’s not on the cop, it’s on YOU for raising an idiot.

Speaking of raising idiots. Charlize Theron is raising her four year old boy as a girl because when she asked him if he was a boy or a girl, he said girl. I’m pretty sure if she threw dinosaur in there, he would have said dinosaur.

And while we’re on the subject of stupid. Alyssa Milano would like women to stop having sex as a protest to Georgia’s abortion laws. I’m pretty sure that would solve the problem, so good job.

We’ve really come a long way in just 100 years. 100 years ago today the Great War just ended. Socialism was dead, for the time being anyway. Kids graduated school at 13. The newest inventions were the toaster and the zipper. Lincoln logs were the hot new toy. Irving Berlin dominated the music scene. Movies were silent. Women couldn’t vote. Wilson was President. There was no NFL. Eight players fixed the World Series. There was no minimum wage and alcohol was illegal. Seems just like yesterday doesn’t it?

A man was arrested for being drunk in public and called 911 from the back of a police car to report he was being abducted by two men.

Well the weather has been crazy. It looks like it’s gearing up to be 85 degrees this weekend. Finally. Enjoy it.

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Another rich couple had a baby, another investigation on the president, another school schooling, another rich celebrity back in a mental institute. Sometimes I feel like everything is just on a loop.

Well in case you missed the incredibly awkward sex scene with Arya and Gendry a couple of weeks ago on “Game of thrones”, they made an even more awkward one with Brienne and Jamie. (Were you wondering if he keep the hand on or not too? Burrr cold). How can they top that? Ghost and Dragon? Hey if dragon tail was good enough for Donkey, know what I mean. This episode was so dull the thing that’s being talked about the most is a coffee cup.

It’s estimated that it cost 233,650 dollars to raise a child. THAT’S what they should teach you in sex ed. It means that if I didn’t have any kids I could be retired right now. Soaking up the sun on a boat somewhere warm. Instead I’ll be working until I’m dead. IF I’m lucky. I hope one of them buys a house big enough for an in-law apartment that’s all I can say. (And that the “other” in-laws won’t need it)

And while I’m on the subject of kids. Why does it only take my son five minutes to shower but it takes the girls an hour before they even turn the water on? And what the hell takes four towels to dry?

What’s the big deal about the Measles? I had two strains of it as a kid. The German and the hard measles. I also had the mumps and the chicken pox. I lived. And the flu kills more people every year but they don’t force people to get the flu shot. I think it should be mandatory if your traveling somewhere or if your traveling here. Like a stamp on your passport. Otherwise it’s really up to you what you do with you or your child’s life.

The Billboard music awards don’t represent the music I listen too so I don’t watch it but I saw the highlights and thought it was cool when that nerdy kid from Degrassi, what’s his name Drake, did a shout out to Arya.

So the democrats in the house are trying to force people to break the law so they can arrest them. From Attorney General Barr to Mncuchin at the Treasury department. They have issued more subpoenas then any other congress in history. The Russia thing is a bust so they are back to the tax returns. They do know there’s an election happening in just over a year right? It’s a pretty big gamble to leave your goal unattended and put everything out on the ice. But I guess when the clock is ticking and you don’t have a plan, an outstanding team or a strategy, you just throw a stick.

When Representative Steve Cohen brought a bucket of chicken into the congressional meeting to mock the attorney general it was the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen. Next to Pelosi’s duck clap and Water’s call to harass people in public. I have voted for as many democrats as I have republicans in my life. I always vote for who I think will do the best job. But after all this, I honestly doubt I will ever vote for another democrat again in my lifetime. It’s one thing to not agree with the president’s policies or his personal life, but disrespecting the office and it’s process is something else entirely.

This isn’t the WWE, it’s the highest office in the country. Pick your replacement, get behind him or her or gender neutral and tell the American people what the plan is? How will you fund social security (which should be priority number one), how will you lower healthcare cost and how will you stop the colleges from extorting trillions of dollars from our youth. And if you don’t want a wall or any kind of vetting process at our borders, then what’s the plan to protect us when a true and vial threat decides to move in? If your wasting 75% of your time telling us how much you hate the president your going to lose. And you should just pack it in now. Making your appointment look worse then you is not a strategy.

Like Kim Kardashian or not, she sure seems to be making a real difference in prison reform.

Rain rain and rain as rain continues this weekend. Try to enjoy it.

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Wednesday October 10, 2018

Wednesday thoughts while watching the news:

How does a limo the size of a bus hit a parked car and kill 20 people? That makes no sense to me at all. There has to be something more to this story. I’m sure the driver being a Pakistani immigrant forced to be a rat for the FBI or face deportation had nothing to do with it. I’m thinking they were all dead before they ever hit the parked car.

Pete Davidson went off on Kanye West where he said “being bipolar is no excuse for being stupid” and that he should “take his meds”. This is the same guy who said “Ariana Grande is more popular than Britney Spears because no terrorist ever bombed a Britney show”. And then blamed his remark on being off his bipolar medication. Ariana Grande however said “I hate Americans” while not even being bipolar at all. Some people really need to just stick to the script and stop trying to think for themselves.

Taylor Swift gave her support to a Democratic governor who sided with Kavanaugh. Upsetting not only liberals but conservatives as well. You just can’t win Taylor, shake it off.

Susan Collins, a Democratic senator from Maine said that the Democratic Party told her if she didn’t vote against Kavanaugh they would donate two million dollars to the Republican running against her in November. So the red wave crashes into the blue wave making a purple wave? Cool

The Pope blamed the devil for the evil that is in the church these days. If the church isn’t even safe from evil, it’s time to throw in the towel folks.

Chevy Chase said “Saturday night live” isn’t funny anymore, which is exactly what John Belushi said when Chevy Chase joined the cast.

The Clinton’s are going on tour. You can go meet them for a mere 750.00. So pretty much they will be speaking to those who have hundreds of dollars to just throw away on nothing. Michelle Obama is on tour as well. Her tickets are 600.00. Trump does his tour for free which kind of shows you whose actually in touch with blue collar America and who isn’t.

I wonder if they will protest Bill Clinton when he comes to town or if they only get paid to protest Republicans. I think the fact that they won’t pretty much tells you everything you need to know about their moral character and what they are actually protesting.

As a joke a man put his girlfriend up for sale on eBay, describing her more as a used car then a woman. But to both of their surprise the bidding was up to 119,000 dollars before the website shut it down for violating their policy against selling people online. If I was her I would have taken the money and left, see if he thought that was funny.

Hurricane Michael hits Florida in a few hours. Hope it has minimal impact. It’s snowing in Colorado, beautiful weekend here in New England though. Everyone be safe.

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Wednesday thoughts while watching the news

You become what your soul digests. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, talk about, is what you will attract more of in your life. So make sure it’s all positive.

The new season of “Last man standing” premiered this week. It was the highest rated show on Friday and the highest rated show on Fox (besides football) in seven years. But no need to worry, I’m sure someone is already trying to get Pam Anderson to admit Tim Allen showed her is tool 20 years ago.

In related news, Disney has announced they will be replacing Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the new Toy Story movie with Matt Damon.

“Murphy Brown” with special guest Hilary Clinton on the other hand was the lowest rated show of the week. (“The Connors” will be even lower). But I’m sure they will be calling it the new hit show of the season.

Kanye West was booed off the stage on the set of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend after coming out with a Trump hat on. (Wonder if he watched “Last man standing”.) Thinking for yourself is definitely frowned upon on SNL. These are the “definitely ready for prime time players”.

So yes, everything is political these days. There’s no escaping it. You would think the tears would have dried up by now.

BREAKING NEWS! Kavanaugh threw ice at a man once in a bar, maybe. No confirmation if it was crushed or cubed.

The Kavanaugh hearing dominated the airwaves Thursday. It showed just how far we’ve sunk as a society. What should have happened behind closed doors was instead a public display of stupidity for the entire world to see. And it won’t change a thing. The left got their FBI investigation but have already said the results won’t matter. They will still move to impeach him if they take the house in November.

And if it turns out that Kavanaugh lied, then damn. I am so glad I didn’t go to an all boys prep school. I was in high school in the 80’s too and had my share of parties, but I never once said to any of my buddies “Hey let’s get blackout drunk, pull our pants down in front of everyone, cross swords and shove bottles of beer up our ass!”.

So while Carli B’s new born daughter was at home with the nanny she thought she would hone her parenting skills by getting in a bar fight at a strip club at 4 in the morning while fighting with her husband’s stripper/mistress. There has to be a better way of getting some street cred.

As if things aren’t screwed up enough, Steven Spielberg announced that he is filming a remake of “West side story”. This time instead of the Jets and the Sharks it will be MS13 and Bloods. In this version the cops shoot Tony.

Indonesia was hit with a 7.5-magnitude earthquake on Friday and a subsequent tsunami that killed 1,200 people. Very sad. Like Puerto Rico it’s just too hard to evacuate an island efficiently.

“A star is born” starts this weekend. I can’t wait to…take my daughter, she really wants to see it.

“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe” – Albert Einstein

Colors are changing here in the north east. Get out and peep.

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Wednesday thoughts vol 1,245

I didn’t watch any news today. So I’m just going to ramble aimlessly and see where I end up.

I was reading “Psychology today” the other day and there was an article on how terror networks are able to manipulate someone’s insecurities in order to influence their emotions and distort their conscience so they will be able to execute inhumane directives. Or something along those lines. So in other words…they brainwash ya.

It got me thinking about those kids in New Mexico. Starved and abused. Being trained to carry out school shootings. I wonder if any past shootings were carried out by trained adolescent assassins and just covered up by finding a scapegoat to take the fall so we wouldn’t know that the Islamic war has infiltration our borders. I think about the Vegas sniper, the Beltway sniper, and the Aurora shooter. I think about the terror networks that post instructions online on how to set wildfires for maximum damage. Scary stuff. I’m sure I’m just being paranoid. Random kids with mental issues are probably the more likely culprit . And a disgruntled neighbor lit the Hope fire because someone kept using his trash can. Sounds about right.

There are three basic elements of brainwashing. An opiate for the masses if you will.

1. Limit the information available.

2. Control behavior.

3. Distraction through repetition.

In religion its very common. They provide you with information. Bibles, Korans and other various forms of literature. They tell you their word is the word of God and that you shouldn’t seek answers anywhere else. (Limit information). Everyone not in the religion is “lost” or “unsaved” or “worldly”. Infidels! Those heathens, you can’t trust any of them. Lol

They feed you small doses of stress and reward. (Controlled behavior). It’s called the “Stick and Carrot”. If your bad you get a switch across your knuckles, if your good they dangle a carrot in front of you. Something you want but is always out of reach. Avoid the stick desire the carrot. Heaven and Hell. If your bad you feel the wrath, if your good your blessed. Chop off a finger or get a thousand virgins. Your choice.

An effective way to control a group of people is keeping them from free thought through repetitive ritualistic behavior. Repetitious acts keep the brain preoccupied, distracted. Church every Sunday. Kneel when you pray, cross your chest, confess your sins. Drink the wine, eat the bread, spill the blood and chant the hymns. Stand up, sit down, put up s tree, hide some eggs. Ugh, it’s exhausting.

This also applies to government and politics.

They limit information by feeding the media what they want you to hear. They sensor web traffic and silence free speech. The libraries are getting smaller, archives are shrinking and monuments are disappearing.

They give you the stick and carrot by threats of incarceration if you break the law, or heavy fines if you don’t follow the rules. They bait you with the American Dream. It’s right there, all you have to do is grab it. Democrats good, Republicans bad, divide and confuse like an elaborate trick of smoke and mirrors. Chase the paper…it’s all about the money money money…got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

They distract you with the basic rituals. Alarm clock, coffee, work, gym, slave, grind, rinse and repeat.

Now if you want to brainwash someone into individual behavior modification, you simply toss in a little sleep deprivation and nutritional starvation. High sugar and salt diets eat up nutrients while booze and caffeine make for long nights. Works beautifully.

Don’t quote me on any of this stuff, I’m really just making it up as I go along.

But anyway. It’s not as bad as it seems. You see, the truth lies within us all already. It’s just a matter of listening to yourself. Do you really need religion to tell you that God exists? If everything they tell you is true, shouldn’t you know it already?

So if you can feel it, then you already know the ending right? The only thing that’s left is the journey.

So put your faith in your own heart, and seek your own truth. Don’t put too much stock in current affairs. There’s much more important things to think about then if the word “dog” is racist or not. It’s just a distraction from the 30,000 bombs they drop on people every year.

November elections are just around the corner. Hold onto your britches, it’s gonna get crazy.

Weather forecast is….. Rain with periods of sunshine and clouds mixed with humidity, high pressure and the occasional gust of wind. Enjoy!

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This weeks thoughts while watching the news

“The Equalizer 2” comes out this week. Wonder who in Hollywood thought, “Hey what we really need now is a movie that glorifies guns, murder and extreme violence non stop for two hours…again”. 

The roast of Bruce Willis aired recently. Now I understand why Demi Moore doesn’t act anymore. She’s looney as a frikkin tune. She made Dennis Rodman seem normal. And how many drugs did her and Bruce do when they conceived Rumor anyway? Holy crap!

Eight more states have legal marijuana on the ballot this November. Weed always gets a bad rap. They say it makes people unmotivated. But you can do the same things when your stoned as when your not. You just realize it’s not worth the effort is all. 

An algae bloom is creating a red tide which is killing sea life in Florida at a massive rate. The same thing is happening along the gulf coast where the Mississippi River enters it. Dead fish and sea life flood the beaches and the water is admitting toxic gases. This is a direct result of phosphorus fertilizer used by the sugar cane farms and Tyson foods. Why isn’t this a “breaking news” report? They cry about global warming and burning fossil fuels but ignore this? Crazy! 

A fire tornado erupted in California, Yosemite closed due to fires, a monsoon destroyed Bangladesh,  a tropical storm devastated Shanghai. 87 died in a wild fire in Greece, 70 drowned in heavy rains in India, 90 died in an earthquake in Indonesia, landslides killed 46 in Thailand, a typhoon in Japan, a volcano in Vanuatu, floods in Vietnam Nam. It’s been a very crazy week around the world. Combine that with the 63 wars currently being fought, the 1.3 million who have died in those wars in this past year alone. The 71 people shot in Chicago over the weekend.  Not to mention the three meteors that hit Earth this week, one in Russia, one in Africa and one in the United States. I would say the Six seal is definitely about to break WIDE OPEN.

If you don’t know what the sixth seal is, don’t worry about it. It’s too late to play catch up now. And it’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Let me know how It turns out.

Candace Owens was harassed at a restaurant and forced to leave because she’s a conservative. They screamed in her ear with blow horns “F… white supremacy”. It didn’t matter that there were children present or that she is black. Proving that the dumbest people on the planet aren’t just basketball players. 

The typical Republican has very different views from the “alt right” groups,  just like the typical Democrat has different views from the socialistic far left. Which is why the Democratic Party would not back Bernie Sanders and why Obama is refusing to campaign for socialist politicians running in 2018. 

Racist hate groups are NIT politically motivated. They are anti government. Just like AntiFa groups are anarchist. The two mobs clashing at rallies has nothing to do with this country or the people in it. It’s about hate. It’s the media that politicizes it. 

Very sad about the 11 children they found starving in an underground compound in New Mexico. The two heavily armed Muslim men who held them captive were arrested without any of the children getting hurt thank God. A witness said the kids looked like third world refugees. Which I found odd because in this country third world refugees dress nice, eat well and own…well pretty much everything. 

You think women who live under Sharia law watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and think, it’s not so bad, at least she can show her face and still has all of her fingers.

Fun fact, the prophet Mohammad had many wives, his youngest was six years old when he was 59. But it was a different time back then and girls matured much faster. 

I’m not sure how the political ads are in other states, but here in Connecticut every single Democrat running for a seat has an anti Trump commercial. It may pay off in this very liberal state. But I wish they would win on merit, integrity and a solid platform. Not a hate campaign against a man who they accuse of running a hate campaign.

Robert Redford announced he’s retiring from acting. Guess he can take that wig off finally. 

There were 157 Confederate monuments taken down since 2016. Yet there are now 237 more than in 2016. It seems that the outrage that brought so many down has outraged  even more to put new ones up. In the same way that passing gun laws spark a surge in gun sales. Sometimes politicizing something just increases its size.  

But on a good note. Two elderly men snuck out for their convulsant hospital in Germany. After a six hour search by the authorities they were found at the Waken open air metal festival. They were disoriented and dazed but otherwise ok. I can relate to them but I also know I need to grow up at some point. I realized that yesterday from my fort. Not sure why I hold onto my childhood anyway, it sucked, which is a good thing really. It made it a much easier transition into my lower middle class adulthood. 

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend. Get on the water if you can. Pool, sprinkler, ice bucket…margaritas. Whatever it takes to stay cool. Embrace to Summer.

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Democratic Propaganda 

This is the very thing wrong with Democrats. They lie constantly. Republicans are for whatever bathroom your comfortable with. Only Ted Cruz has issues with it. Republicans would welcome gun control as long as it was universal. It worked in other countries because the law enforcement also had to comply. That’s not something they are willing to do in the states. Republicans are for more education, it’s the Democrats the  ended No child left behind and cut funding for public. education to pay for Obamacare, which also shows they don’t care about healthcare and they sent middle class families into poverty. Don’t let these people fool you. 

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Wake up people! 

What do all these people have in common? Yup…they all protest Trump. 

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